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Title: Dreams Are Stranger Than Fiction 

Cover Art Design by: Melancholy Muse

Releases: December 20th, 2017

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The chaos of our dreams is frightening. Losing control. Panic. Terror. Confusion. Floundering. Darkness- And then you wake. Sweating. Unable to relax, unable to get out of bed. But finally... You regain yourself. Unless- you're an author. Then, you grab a pen, scribble down your fears -- and offer that chaos to your readers. Because, Dreams are Stranger Than Fiction.
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A new romantic story of love lost and love rediscovered:
Counting Hearts Like Stars
(The Happy Endings Resort Book 23)
Release date: July 15th, 2017

Two hearts breaking even. One unforgettable promise. 

There he is, the face I’ve dreamt about for years. I thought I’d be able to forget him. Lucas Lawler was my first kiss, first love, first everything. I'd already heard about his exploits from the entire resort town of Endings, SC. They all know him. Every girl. He wants to talk about the past, but I’m here to forget it all, especially after my fiancé ditched me for another woman the day before our wedding. But the way Lucas speaks to me with the sweetest words, as heated as his lips… I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep away. He could be toxic, and falling in love again is the last thing I need.

Jennifer Heisen is the kind of girl a guy never forgets. I mean… the way she smiles, it’s mesmerizing. I must admit she’s the last girl I expected to return to the resort, but she's also the only one I ever truly loved. She doesn’t remember our promise, but maybe I can prove we made it years ago. Our time together means everything to me. We were sixteen and the world was at our feet. She ruined me for anyone else, and I hope she still feels the same way. It’s time she knew.

*** All the books in the Happy Endings Resort Series are STANDALONE stories and can be enjoyed without reading the others, but we highly recommend you check out each story in this awesome series! ***

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Introducing Katie Salidas from
A Plague of Dragons Anthology

Katie's contribution to the set is Molten Heart, a story I'm sure you'll love with romance and action to keep you glued to the pages. Let's have a chat with Katie and see her perspective on none other than Dragons!

Let’s talk dragons, shall we?

Why don’t we see many dragons flying around or burning down cities? 

Probably because they, just like us, have had to grow and adapt with time. Rise beyond the firebreathing image to something a bit more…

Maybe dragons exist and we just don’t know it. And that is the kind of thinking that led me to dragons as shifters in the story, Molten Heart.

Dragons belong just as much to the human world as we do. And really, calling it the human world might piss them off, because they think we’re a bit irresponsible with the world we’ve taken over. So let’s maybe just stick to calling it earth. It will make life easier on us all. Trust me. Most dragons are good, but piss off the wrong one….

Anyway. Back on point. Dragons could possibly be the very first breed of shifters. Over time as they grew and adapted with time, maybe they learned how to change forms. All creatures on earth have had to grow and adapt over the years or risk extinction. And though dragons might seem like the king of beasts, there is a greater beast on this earth that strikes fear into the hearts and minds of all creatures who share this planet… man!

Was that too preachy? Sorry. Moving on.

That leads us to the question of their (the dragons) nature. Are they beasts? 

Are they thinking and feeling beings. And if the answer to both of those questions is, yes. What is dominant in them and how does it work when they shift between forms?

 I’d have to answer that with turning it back around on humanity. We’re thinking and feeling beings who act absolutely beastly without shifting into a twenty-foot tall firebreathing creature, so why would a dragon who has the ability to swap forms be any different? In both their impressive drake form and in their tiny (by comparison) human form, the character is the same. Their minds stay intact as well as their ability to reason and understand their surroundings. It is merely their appearance, and fire-proofing, that alters.

Why do they change then, you might ask?

Well, who doesn’t want to be able to take to the sky? Admit it, if you could sprout wings, you would.
As far as my dragons are concerned, their drake form is their natural form. They take on the human guise to keep their truth secret from the savage humans who rape and pillage the earth they live on.
Humans are a pretty damn scary race!

But, that might be giving too much away. Let’s chat about more fun dragon facts, like what they eat.
My Dragons are actually omnivores (because of their dual forms) but because of their massive size need more protein than their human counterparts. That of course leads to quite a bit of meat consumption. They’ll eat pretty much anything that moves. Sheep, cow, pig, etc… Fish too, for the water variety (the hydras). And when you have a colony of dragons around, there had better be quite a bit of available food.

How much do they eat? 

Well, that’s a great question. On the island they live on herd of wild sheep and ponies are pretty prevalent so that is the natural meal of choice for a dragon on the hunt. Bunny en flambé though is a favorite snack. Food is energy for the dragons, not an indulgence. Participating in the circle of life (cue the Lion King music), means that the dragons only take what they need when they need it. Could a dragon glutton himself on six or seven fully grown mountain goats with a side of squirrel every day? Of course they could. But eventually overhunting leads to extinction, and they know that. They are thinking and feeling creatures, remember.
On average, a male drake will sustain themselves on one meal a day consisting of two to three large prey animals.

I know what you’re saying. Dragons are fantasy creatures. They cannot exist in nature. Why are you spending so much time pretending that they’re real?

That’s my job. As the author I have think of all the little details and physical attributes necessary to validate my dragons. Even if all of these details do not end up in the final story, the world and character building has to be there first. Laying the foundations so that I can tell you a believable story. Do I think dragons exist? Doesn’t matter. But if for one second, just one, I can make you suspend your belief, then I have done my job!

Hope you enjoy reading Molten Heart!
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To introduce you to the authors, I'm posting an interview a day so you can get to know not just me, but all these amazing authors who joined me in creating this mesmerizing collection

Michael K. Rose is an author who is near and dear to me. He's my critique partner, co-writer and an amazing author. Most of my stories go through his scrutinizing eyes to perfection before publication. He writes gritty Sci-fi, fantasy and Paranormal. Prolific as heck. I got the privilege of meeting him at Phoenix Comic Con a couple years ago and we'll be at that same con this May signing books together! If you love a variety of addictive speculative fiction, he's the one to read. 

Interview with Author Michael K. Rose:
Tell me a bit about your story.

     “Brutality” is the story of a young man living on a remote island that is terrorized by dragons every generation or so. It’s written as a first-person narrative, because I wanted the reader to experience the dragon attack through his eyes. My stories generally tend to be pretty fast paced, and “Brutality” is no exception. Once the action gets going, the tension doesn’t really let up until the climax.

     Are there any aspects of dragon lore—and, subsequently, modern dragon fiction—that you particularly like or dislike?

     I like the idea of dragons as manifestations of certain human traits, and it’s something my story touches on. Think of the Norse story of Fafnir, the dwarf who is transformed into a serpent or a dragon by his greed. In this aspect, dragons are similar to many other creatures of folklore and literature: the vampire, the werewolf, even Frankenstein’s monster. All these creatures reflect the darker things lurking below the surface of our rational human minds.

Are you fond of films like Dragonslayer that depict dragons as mindless, violent animals, or do you prefer your dragons with a bit more intelligence and, perhaps, kindness?

     I like both, and there is room for both. While historically, dragons have had very specific roles in human culture, modern writers and audiences have adapted the idea into something much more expansive. The same has been done with the creatures I mentioned a moment ago: vampires and werewolves. And perhaps because they started as aspects of the human psyche, it’s only natural to see ourselves in them and, in many cases, make them heroes in their own right. That being said, I wanted to make this story’s dragons fit the more traditional narrative, although they do have intelligence, which is something the islanders in “Brutality” have to contend with.

Guess what is now available?
That's right! Plague of Dragons Anthology is now Live!
You can get it HERE

To introduce you to the authors, I'm posting an interview a day so you can get to know not just me, but all these amazing authors who joined me in creating this mesmerizing collection

First off, let me introduce David Jones. He writes fantasy and whatnot. A total nerdigan, I know because I got the privilege of meeting him at Palm Springs Comic Con. He's the one to hit up if you're a video game addict. 

Interview with Author David Jones:

Tell us a bit about your story.

The Sky Hunter is a sci-fi military story that introduces us to Ilana, a human warrior who was raised by the Ociel, a race of dragon people, on their islands in the sky. Her past is a mystery, even to her, and that’s partly because of the Ociel, so she resents them. Ilana is relatively new to being a Sky Hunter, and wears a special suit of armor called the Aether Suit that allows her to keep up with her fellow warriors. She descends to the surface world, which is absolutely foreign to her, with the intent to fulfill this final mission for the Ociel elders, and then go off on her own. This story essentially blends Metroid, Mega Man X, Jurassic Park, dragons, and Little Shop of Horrors together in really fun ways, and Ilana is by far the strongest, most badass character I’ve written to date. 

Have you written any other dragon stories?

The first book I ever wrote is called Onyx The Half Hero Dragon. It’s still unreleased, but it’s a story that I’ve always loved. I’ve grown a lot as a writer since I started work on Onyx, which has had a ridiculously long development history, but I have every intention to release Onyx by the end of the year. Onyx The Half Hero Dragon is a coming of age story about a young bionic dragon who grew up on a mythic island, and was raised by a mechanical engineer named Sheila. They set out to explore the island they live on to hunt down components for a powerful new weapon, and quickly find themselves caught up in war. There's much more to the story, obviously, but I'm not about to spoil everything here.

Will there be a sequel to The Sky Hunter?

I would love to write a sequel to The Sky Hunter. Ilana's world is full of possibilities, and even I don't know where she's headed.

Guess what is now available?
That's right! Plague of Dragons Anthology is now Live!
You can get it HERE

To introduce you to the authors, I'm posting an interview a day so you can get to know not just me, but all these amazing authors who joined me in creating this mesmerizing collection

First off, let me introduce Jenna Elizabeth Johnson. She writes dragons in some of her stories already, so if you want more, she's got more for you.

Interview with Jenna Elizabeth Johnson:

Tell me a bit about your story.

Flame and Form tells the story of Brienne, a Faelorehn woman from the Otherworld and Dorran, a draghan shape-shifter from Firiehn, a neighboring realm.  Brienne is on the run, having recently escaped a life of slavery from the Morrigan, the Celtic goddess of war.  While passing through a small town, she gets the opportunity to help a captured draghan.  Knowing the creature will probably end up in the Morrigan’s hands, she sets aside her own plans of escape in order to take the draghan out of the reach of its tormentors.  It isn’t too long, however, before Brie discovers this draghan is really cru-athru, a man of Firiehn who can take draghan form.  This story began as a retelling of Beauty and the Beast (a favorite tale of mine), but soon started to develop its own personality.  There are still the common themes of a man taking beast form, and looking past the outer self and seeing the beauty within, but Flame and Form also introduces elements from my Otherworld universe as well. 

Dragons are inherently magical; they cannot exist in nature. That being said, did you give any consideration to natural or physical limitations when you were dreaming up your dragons? Why or why not?

The setting of my story is a land rich in magic, so it wasn’t a far leap for me to incorporate a magical creature.  The people of the Otherworld and Firiehn have glamour, fae magic, and can utilize it in different ways.  Dorran, my dragon character, uses his magic to take draghan form and breathe fire.  Despite the fact that my characters wield and use magic as part of their natural existence, there are limits to how much they can use and if they use too much, they need to rest and recharge before they are at their best once again.

How many average-sized adult sheep do you think the dragons in your story would have to consume per day?

Unfortunately, Dorran, my dragon character, isn’t a huge dragon.  When he is in his beast form, he’s about the size of a Clydesdale or Shire horse.  So I would say, if he were to stumble upon a hillside full of sheep on an empty stomach, he might be able to consume one of them.  Though, I bet he’d be too stuffed to take flight afterward for at least an hour.

The dragons in your story are shapeshifters. In many shapeshifter stories, people lose their humanity while in their animal forms; werewolf tales are a well-known example of this. Do your dragons retain all aspects of their humanity when in dragon form?

This is a good question, and the way I usually approach characters in my stories who have the ability to shapeshift is that they retain enough of their humanity not to go entirely feral.  I like the idea of the animal side of them lending their sharpened instincts to either form (because if they don’t go a bit wild, what’s the point of turning into an animal?).  In Flame and Form, my shifter characters take on all the aspects of being large, fire-breathing reptiles.  They are fierce, they are strong, they are naturally graceful.  They recognize the human (or in my case, Faelorehn) woman who is their friend, but they also have no trouble identifying the enemy and treating them as such.  I didn’t spend a lot of time on this subject in Flame and Form, but I do hope to explore it further in future books.

Tell me about some of the other dragon stories you’ve written.

I have one other series that directly features dragons as important characters, and that is my Legend of Oescienne series.  The Oescienne books are appropriate for younger readers (10 years old and up) and they tell the story of a human infant found and raised by dragons in a world where her kind no longer exist.  The dragons in this series are highly intelligent and capable of speech (in fact, Hroombra, the dragon mentor to my girl hero, Jahrra, was responsible for tutoring the human children of the royal family from long ago).  This series is an epic fantasy adventure along the lines of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Eragon.  There are currently four full-length novels and one short story collection in the Legend of Oescienne series, with the fifth and final book in the works.  The titles of the books are The Finding (Book 1), The Beginning (Book 2), The Awakening (Book 3), The Ascending (Book 4), and Tales of OescienneThe Finding has recently been made available in audio format.

Will there be a sequel to Flame and Form?

Yes!  I have this terrible habit where, if I start a shiny new story, it usually decides to grow into something larger than a single book.  I do have plans to write at least two follow-up novellas to take place after Flame and Form.  No set publication dates yet, but hopefully one or both of them will be out before the end of the year.  It all depends on how busy my other writing projects keep me.

If you could take one of your characters to a book event to help you sell books, who would it be and why?

I’ll go ahead and pick someone from Flame and Form since this book is the one featured in the new anthology, A Plague of Dragons.  Let’s see… I would bring all my characters if I could, and although I think Mynne (Brienne’s blind, spirit guide wolf) would be a fun addition to any event, I’m going to have to go with Dorran.  In his Firiehn form, he’s a ruggedly handsome, tall, dark-haired, flame-eyed man; a warrior from a realm of magic.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to wander over and get a picture with him?  And if he wasn’t impressive enough in his more human form, he could shift into draghan form.  A soot black draghan the size of a large horse who happens to breathe turquoise fire?  Yeah, if I was attending a book event, that would DEFINITELY get my attention.

Who's been waiting for book 8 of A Dark Faerie Tale series?
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(A Dark Faerie Tale #8)
Releases: April 24th, 2017

Fate is coming. 

When the magic of Faerie fractures, the land demands the ultimate price. Hearts will shatter and alliances will be crushed, but one power might just save them all. 

Follow your favorite Dark Faerie Tale characters once more in another world shattering adventure for the all-consuming quest for power and magic.

Books in this series: 

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Going Under
6 Romantic & Comedic Stories from Down Under
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When Leesa Olsen is rescued by handsome firefighter Dare McCarthy, she knows she didn't exactly make a good impression. Will accepting a date with him help her cause?


The only thing Kat Winston fears more than Australia is love. She's about to get a crash course in both.


Aspiring author Dylan Phillips travels all the way to Australia to start the next chapter of her life. Neither she nor sexy Aussie pub owner Ian King are searching for love, but that is exactly what they find.


To Vermont native Georgia, Australia is a little back to front. Then she meets Sam and he turns her already back-to-front world upside down.


On the first real holiday she's ever had with her teenage twin girls, all Belle expects is sun, sea, and to see all Australia's “big” things. The last thing she anticipates is finding love in a giant pineapple.


Pro rugby player Mason James St. Patrick is known not only for his skills on the field but in the bedroom. When PR rep Delaney Matthews is hired to clean up his image, will she be able to resist his charms or will she fall for the type of man she swore she never would?

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My review:

The Going South Anthology is a steamy, romantic, and funny collection of stories about finding love down under with some uber sexy men and sensual women. All the stories give a sweet yet hot, tummy fluttering heat level that keeps a reader wanting more and loving the oh so satisfying endings. This is a collection you must read if you're into romantically funny tales with a steaminess that's perfect.

My favorite tales in this collection were Dared, Finding Love Down Under, and Playing for Keeps. These had great characters, awesome backgrounds, dilemmas, and lovely to read. It's enough to keep a reader all hot and bothered! I loved each story, and they were a nice change from the normal romances out there; each one a quick, tasty morsel that makes you want to read more by these highly talented authors. Check it out, well worth the read.

5/5 Stars

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