Reading Order List

This is a list of my books in order of reading by series. Hope this helps those out there in need of some organization of titles. :)

Accursed Archangels Series:
The Unbreakable Curse (Accursed Archangels #1)
The Cursed Labyrinth (Accursed Archangels #2)
The Irredeemable Soul (Accursed Archangels #3) Now Available!

The ArcKnight Wolf Pack Chronicles:
ArcKnight (The ArcKnight Wolf Pack Chronicles #1)
Sovereignty (The ArcKnight Wolf Pack Chronicles #2)
Coming soon:
Revenant (The ArcKnight Wolf Pack Chronicles #3) TBD

The Fall of Sky:
The Fall of Sky (Part One)
The Fall of Sky (Part Two)
The Fall of Sky (Part Three)
The Fall of Sky (Part Four)
Complete Collection:
The Fall of Sky: A Rock 'n Roll saga

A Dark Faerie Tale Series:
The Withering Palace (A Dark Faerie Tale Companion #1)
Evangeline (A Dark Faerie Tale Companion #2)
Ever Shade (A Dark Faerie Tale #1)
Ever Fire (A Dark Faerie Tale #2)
Ever Winter (A Dark Faerie Tale #3)
The Cursed (A Dark Faerie Tale Companion #3)
Ever Wrath (A Dark Faerie Tale #4)
History of Fire (A Dark Faerie Tale #5)
Without Armor (A Dark Faerie Tale Companion #4)
Ever Dead (A Dark Faerie Tale #6)
Legends of Fire (A Dark Faerie Tale #7)
Guardians of Fire (A Dark Faerie Tale #8)
Ever Fade (A Dark Faerie Tale #9)

The Vampires of Vegas series (Reign of Blood Series):
Resonant (The Vampires of Vegas Prequel)
Reign of Blood (The Vampires of Vegas #1)
Disarming (The Vampires of Vegas #2)
Elijah (The Vampires of Vegas Story Companion)
Amplified (The Vampires of Vegas #3)
Coming soon:
Fluxion (The Vampires of Vegas #4) TBD

Other works by Alexia in no particular order:
Solidify (Woodland Creek)
Five Fathoms Poetic Collection
Whispers of Dreams (A Poetic Collection)
Soul Games Anthology (Fuse)
Faery Worlds Anthology (Ever Shade)
Faery Tales Anthology (Without Armor)
The ShapeShifter Chronicles (Jeb & Aces)
The Dark I Keep (A Poetic Collection)
Once Upon a Curse Anthology (The Variance Court)
Once Upon a Kiss Anthology (The Glass Sky)
Fuse: A Collection of Fantastical Tales
Lucidium: Rise of the Dragons Book 1
It's a Bird! It's a Plane! A Superhero Anthology
The Aching Darkness (A Dark Fantasy Anthology) (Brevity)
Wicked Magic Anthology (Wicked Grove Book 1)
Once Upon a Quest Anthology (Ruins of Oz short story)
Dreams Are Stranger Than Fiction Anthology (Soul Snare)
Once Upon a Star Anthology (The Star Dragon's Curse)
Once Upon a Ghost Anthology (The Thorn King)
Once Upon a Wish Anthology (First Snow)

The Wicked Grove Series:
Wicked Grove Book #1
Coming soon:
Renegades (Wicked Grove Series Book 2) TBD
Knockdown (Wicked Grove Series Book 3) TBD

Other books coming soon:

Dark Prism: The Glass Sky #2 June 2021
Spells & Incantations (Mis Eyre's School for Wayward Witches book #1) 2021 TBD
Fluxion (The Vampires of Vegas #4) TBA
Revenant (The ArcKnight Chronicles #3) TBD
Renegades (Wicked Grove #2) TBD
Knockdown (Wicked Grove Series Book 3) TBD
February Air TBA
Papercut Doll TBA
The Mechanical Plagues series Book 1 TBD
Unfurl (Woodland Creek Revisited) TBD