The Glass Sky Series

 The Glass Sky Series

A brand-new twisted & futuristic fairytale retelling fantasy series based on King Thrushbeard by the Brothers Grimm.

Star's life is far from what she thought when she discovers she's just a pawn in a delusional society. Secrets and lies show her the hard truth of a dying human race where females are scarce and controlled with an iron fist. She must find her parents but sneaking back home is a precarious trek. All she finds is the city overrun and deep under the control of a ruthless ruler. Alone and defeated, an unlikely ally offers to help but can she trust them?

Betrayal. Loss. Heartbreak.

I feel all those things after escaping Farlan’s demented prison. But I’m determined to move forward with my new life in the Glass Sky City. Newfound friends and an unlikely romance keep me busy, but the deviant past is never far behind.

Assigned to a new mission as the rebellion threatens to fail, my team disturbs old grievances with unworldly creatures far beneath the surface. It brings dangers to affront, threatening mayhem and destruction. There are far more players in Farlan’s intricate games than I could’ve ever imagined. It’s not long before I’m facing down horrifying monsters of all kinds and getting tangled up in absurd magical bargains. Only one person can help me but how do I reach them in time?

Read the harrowing conclusion to this gripping futuristic, genre-blending fantasy series filled with stunning twists in a mesmerizing world.

Twisted bargains with the fae, a corrupt regime with magical prisons, unauthorized genetic engineering, and did I mention robots, too? Seriously, what could go wrong? Sometimes insanity makes things remarkably simple. Especially for a girl like me, Star Rickton.

This isn’t a world I ever wanted to live in. It’s where being female is reason enough to be locked up and enchanted, and where using magic can strip people of their humanity. Humans and Fae once lived and worked together harmoniously for we are not so different. Yet, now, we destroy what we both hold dear and wreak havoc on one another without the thought of serious consequences. Like annihilation? Pretty much.

I’m determined to figure this out but if I can’t get it together, this time we might be all out of luck for good.