Hey ya'll! after all this time, I am so glad to be back and letting you know that Fluxion, book 4 of my Vampires of Vegas Series, also known as my Reign of Blood series, is finally here! It's been a labor of love for sure. But I couldn't be more excited to release the fourth novel into the world! I hope you take the time to check it out.

To celebrate, I've put all the novels in the series on sale at $0.99 or FREE! There are also some short novellas attached to the series that are either FREE or $0.99 too! Please don't wait to grab these because the sale is not going to last forever. Limited time only!

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Fluxion is book 4 in The Vampires of Vegas series.

The past always returns to haunt you.

April is on cusp of distributing a successful treatment for the vampiric virus which decimated the world's population. When she's betrayed by those she trusts the most, she's forced to flee her home in Las Vegas. Now, she must depend on a stranger she just met who shares the same rare mutation as her. She can't trust anyone. The vampire hive was her sanctuary, but now, their leader hides an unspeakable horror with far more sinister consequences than anyone could've imagined, especially when it involves April's unusual abilities.

Time is running out as she hurries to avoid the clutches of a new clever foe, save her friends, and rid the world of the deadly scourge forever. But the price of success is far too steep. Will the consequences of saving everyone else finally be enough to break her, or will she embrace the full power of the monster lingering beneath her skin?

Are you ready for this? Book 8 of A Dark Faerie Tale Series: Guardians of Fire is now available on Audio! I'm so excited for you guys to hear this one because the  narrator, David McMasters just blows me away with his amazing voice. I hope you check out the series in audio! 

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Guardians of Fire is book eight in A Dark Faerie Tale series. 

Fate is coming.  

When the magic of Faerie fractures, the land demands the ultimate price. Hearts will shatter and alliances will be crushed, but one power might just save them all.  

Follow your favorite Dark Faerie Tale characters once more in another world shattering adventure for the all-consuming quest for power and magic.

 Hey everyone! 

I know I've been absent from this site for a long while. I really dropped the ball on updating on here, but hoping to get back to it and update a lot more often. Here's to keeping up with so many things! 

I'll get right to it. Right now, my writing is stalled, but mostly because I've had to rework a lot of my drafts. Some, like Fluxion, had to get an entire section removed and redone. It sometimes feels like meticulous surgery being done on my WIPs and a lot of times, I have to step away and work on something else to get my ideas to convey onto the paper better. I've never really been much of an outliner or planner when it comes to writing. I have a ton of ideas flying about my mind but organizing them or getting them to untangle and make sense to others is the hard part. Writing linear has never been easy for me. But, somehow, I have gotten novels done, so I guess it works for me in whatever way it does. Sometimes, it just takes a bit longer to make sense of this mess inside my head.

So what's new right now? I have AUDIOBOOKS aplenty! I'm so excited and thrilled to announce the following audiobooks are now completed and released out into the world! They literally turned out amazing and kudos to the phenomenal narrators! I can't do this without them! They truly are amazing and always blow me away with their skills. Please take a look at the following audiobooks and check them out on Audible, iTunes, or on Amazon. I know you'll love them! 

Hot off the presses, I present my newest audiobooks:

Dark Prism (The Glass Sky Book 2)

Narrated by Kim Churchill

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Legends of Fire (A Dark Faerie Tale #7)

Narrated by David McMasters

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The Fall of Sky (Books 1-4)

Narrated by Nikki Zakocs

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The Cursed Labyrinth book 2 of Accursed Archangels series is here!

This is Book 2 of the Accursed Archangels Series 

Thalia Brennan is lost within the legendary labyrinth realm called the Skein alongside the archangel, Ereziel. Encountering different beings and enchanted locations, they must find a way out. It’s rumored there’s a doorway into Heaven from here, but no one knows exactly where it is. Thalia is certain the gate doesn’t exist until she stumbles upon a young girl who’s also lost. She didn’t come from Earth. She came from the Heaven’s gate and must be returned.

The creatures of the Skein Labyrinth can be more terrifying than those of Earth, Heaven, or Hell. When the three companions make their way to the outer rings to find the gateway to Heaven, they discover there’s more here than meets the eye and being a native might have its advantages. Being hunted by those who’ve heard Thalia has the only key to escape, the trio scramble to find the portal back to Earth, or the gate to Heaven before becoming imprisoned in this strange realm forever. 

Accursed Archangels is a young adult urban fantasy series which will appeal to readers of paranormal romance, vampires, reverse harems, angels, demons, and supernatural lore.

Chapter One is now Available! Chapter Two is coming week of March 12th!

Many of you know I've started a Patreon page for those who'd love to contribute to my writing & get exclusive content first and my ebooks for free. After voting in my reader group, it was decided I'll be releasing chapters weekly on a new series I've planned. The first book is titled "The Glass Sky". It is based on a short story I released in the Once Upon a Kiss Anthology but this will be the expanded to novel format. It was a well received story so I'm so excited to announce I'll be releasing chapters starting this week. Please join on in to receive the chapters. You only need to join at the lowest tier to get them. Thank you!

**I just posted Chapter One on Patreon! Enjoy!**

What's going on with Renegades (Wicked Grove Book II)?
I know you guys are wondering when is Renegades going to release since I ended up cancelling the preorder. Lots of things happened at the end of this year, 2017, that tossed me into a terrible place and I got severely behind on all writing projects. Luckily, I've snapped out of the glum, though with any death in the family, it hits me out of nowhere now and then. Depression is a real thing and the despair can cause a real roadblock on the road to creativity.

But, on a brighter note, I'm back at it and working like made to gain the momentum back. I thought you all would love to have a snippet of the book to keep you primed for what's next. I seriously can't wait to get this out for you all. I am aiming for February, but there's no promises. Sorry! As life goes, nothing is guaranteed but surprises are always interesting.

Without further ado, here's the entire first chapter of
Renegades (Wicked Grove Series Book II)
This is an unedited version of this chapter. All rights reserved.

Chapter One

“You’re kidding, right?” I got to my feet as four of the leaders of the Leagues of Unusual and Supernatural Creatures entered the brownstone I owned with my two brothers, Craig and Jay. This was our sanctuary and my brothers had invited these magicals into our space. Furious wasn’t the word to cover it, nor was I surprised enough to overcome what I was feeling.
Shocked. Stunned. Nauseous. Yeah, those fit a bit better.
“Relax. They know the rules. We meet on neutral ground. No magic allowed whatsoever and,” Craig eyed my weapons, lifting an eyebrow as he conveyed to me it was time to stashed them away. “No weaponry.”
“I don’t like the sound of this,” I mumbled as I sheathed my swords, rolled up my oiling kit and proceeded to stuff them into the broom closet. “This isn’t neutral ground, it’s our sanctuary. This is pushing it.” Clicking the door shut I turned and almost ran into Francesca, the leader of the vampire mafia. She gave me a sordid smile before handing me her coat.
“I find your home quite quaint.” Her fangs gleamed for a moment while she let her coat drop unceremoniously into my arms without even asking if I was doing a coat check. Groaning, I tossed her coat into the closet without hanging it. There was no way was I going to caddy for the supernatural leagues. The way they thought humans were beneath them was appalling and I wasn’t going to cater to them whatsoever. Not one bit. If Craig or Jay had a problem with it, they could speak to me directly.
Jay followed the group in and turned towards us, heading our way with a determination I didn’t want to know about. So far, this week had been the worst of my life. What was more bad news to add to the pile, right?
I pressed my lips into a taut line. Here it comes.
“The other leagues couldn’t make it. Scheduling conflicts and some are still making up their minds.” Jay announced.
Craig frowned. “Any of them closer to swinging our way in this conflict?”
Jay nodded, leaning close as the other four leaders settled into our living room. “Yes. Jessica Hyland of the Dhampirs and Isaac of the animal magi are supporters but couldn’t make it to this meeting. I told them I’d update them later.”
Craig lifted an eyebrow. “Jessica? How’d you get her to join in when her mother Francesca is here?”
Jay threw him a pointed look. “Do I need to spell out why she didn’t attend? It’s on rotating basis. Next meeting, Francesca won’t be here, and Jessica will. The meeting after that, Francesca’s son, Fedir, will attend.”
Craig nodded as he glanced toward the group sitting rigid in the living room.
“Well, this looks like a nice family reunion, so to speak,” I sighed. None of the present leaders were close friends of mine. If they wanted my support, they should’ve asked for a list of my own supernatural friends. “Can I make a suggestion?”
Craig tossed me a warning crossing his face. “Okay, but please think hard before you add them to the mix. It’s a delicate balance and I don’t want to mess it up before the first meeting begins.”
“Of course not. I was merely going to suggest that Marcella, the leader of the Unkai underground join us. She is a good friend and mentor to me, you know. She’d be a great buffer for this…. posse.” I stared at four of the leaders of the supernatural world. They were major players, yes, but we needed to consider including the minority groups too.
“Okay. Call her and she can join in whenever she arrives. We have to start now though.”
“Gotcha.” I pulled out my cellphone and dialed Marcella’s number by heart. I never kept any numbers in my phone, it was all in my head. Good thing my last encounter with a mind erasing faery clan who wanted to take over the world had left no long-term effects.
It’d left a crack in my heart, though. I inhaled sharply, closing my eyes as I leaned on the wall of the kitchen of our modest home. It’d hit me hard to lose Atieran, the faery king’s brother who turned out to be a fake mirrored-soul duplicate of the king himself. I didn’t dare show it; my brothers would call me out on letting myself get too close to someone I was pitted against. It’d been all my fault and I had the scars to prove it.
And there was more than just scars that showed off what remained after Atieran’s death. He’d done something to me; not just to my heart, its fascia cracked and torn, but he’d awoken something inside I’d never know existed.

“How would I even know if I have faery blood?”
“You wouldn’t unless you activated it.”
“How would I do that?” His eyes gleamed in the flashing strobes overhead. The red emergency lights barely illuminated the hall.
“With just one kiss,” he whispered,

I shivered, brushing the thought away as I slid down into one of the dining room chairs Craig had scraped across the wooden floor into the living room. Lost in thought, I felt a cool pair of eyes on me and peered up to find Francesca watching me, her lips slightly upturned while lifting her now full wine glass to salute me. Craig had been busying himself keeping the guests’ whims filled while I sat my arse down like a pampered princess.
I caught Craig’s arm as he offered up a tray of biscuits and tea to the others and jumped up to my feet.
“Give it here.” I snatched the tray and took it around the room as Jay returned and stood near the entrance of the room. He raised his hands and cleared his throat, capturing the attention of the group in an instant. I had to give it to him, he had presence. Lord help the person who ignored him, supernatural or not.
“Thank you all for attending this meeting. I know it was with short notice, but we find ourselves in desperate times.” He inhaled deeply, scanning each participant diligently while taking a centering breath. “My family: Craig, Amy, and I have been banished from the S.R.A. and we are no longer operatives of the Agency since they betrayed our trust and vowed to turn us over to a malevolent faery king. Together, we got away, and Amy successfully diminished the threat. Yet, we remain outcasts.
“In our time with the Agency, we came to notice many faults and inconsistencies within the Agency that didn’t adhere to their prime directive of maintaining harmony between the human and supernatural leagues of Wicked Grove. I’m afraid, we can no longer count on them to keep any of us safe nor will justice prevail if anyone is to end up in their clutches.”
“You’re telling us that all the leagues are in danger?” Francesca lifted an eyebrow, not sounding as concerned as her question would deem her to be. She lifted her wineglass, letting the fluid grace her lips before she replaced it onto the coffee table. Vampires didn’t need to eat or drink; it was all for looks and appearances. I briefly wondered if Craig had procured some blood for her comfort. She winked at me.
I frowned at her nonchalance.
“Yes,” Jay answered. “But we mustn’t go and attack the Agency without contingencies in place. They are powerful and…”
“So are we.” Nehemiah leaned forward, his frown deepening as moments ticked by. “How are we to trust them if their own agents do not?”
“We propose a reform of their rules and justifications. An overhaul. Retraining of all agents and new leadership,” I suggested.
“A takeover?” Oliver, the leader of the Nephilim perked up. He’d been solemn and quiet the entire time, neither partaking in any drinks or food. I often wondered if they required to eat or drink or it just wasn’t necessary.
I swore I heard my own stomach growl, but I ignored it, shifting in my seat. Hayden glanced my way for a moment before a knowing smile graced his lips. Damn these supernaturals with their obscenely good senses. He probably could hear my lungs working.
I hated being seated in the same room as people with hyper senses and no personal boundaries. It was akin to naked in the middle of a high school hallway in between classes. I’d give almost anything for someone to get me out of here before I decided to grab a pillow off the sofa and asphyxiate trying to disappear under it.
The sooner this meeting ended, the sooner I could head off to let Marcella know what was going on.
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Title: Dreams Are Stranger Than Fiction 

Cover Art Design by: Melancholy Muse

Releases: December 20th, 2017

Featuring USA Today, and International bestselling authors.

The chaos of our dreams is frightening. Losing control. Panic. Terror. Confusion. Floundering. Darkness- And then you wake. Sweating. Unable to relax, unable to get out of bed. But finally... You regain yourself. Unless- you're an author. Then, you grab a pen, scribble down your fears -- and offer that chaos to your readers. Because, Dreams are Stranger Than Fiction.
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A new romantic story of love lost and love rediscovered:
Counting Hearts Like Stars
(The Happy Endings Resort Book 23)
Release date: July 15th, 2017

Two hearts breaking even. One unforgettable promise. 

There he is, the face I’ve dreamt about for years. I thought I’d be able to forget him. Lucas Lawler was my first kiss, first love, first everything. I'd already heard about his exploits from the entire resort town of Endings, SC. They all know him. Every girl. He wants to talk about the past, but I’m here to forget it all, especially after my fiancé ditched me for another woman the day before our wedding. But the way Lucas speaks to me with the sweetest words, as heated as his lips… I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep away. He could be toxic, and falling in love again is the last thing I need.

Jennifer Heisen is the kind of girl a guy never forgets. I mean… the way she smiles, it’s mesmerizing. I must admit she’s the last girl I expected to return to the resort, but she's also the only one I ever truly loved. She doesn’t remember our promise, but maybe I can prove we made it years ago. Our time together means everything to me. We were sixteen and the world was at our feet. She ruined me for anyone else, and I hope she still feels the same way. It’s time she knew.

*** All the books in the Happy Endings Resort Series are STANDALONE stories and can be enjoyed without reading the others, but we highly recommend you check out each story in this awesome series! ***

Check out the entire multi-author series HERE

Introducing Katie Salidas from
A Plague of Dragons Anthology

Katie's contribution to the set is Molten Heart, a story I'm sure you'll love with romance and action to keep you glued to the pages. Let's have a chat with Katie and see her perspective on none other than Dragons!

Let’s talk dragons, shall we?

Why don’t we see many dragons flying around or burning down cities? 

Probably because they, just like us, have had to grow and adapt with time. Rise beyond the firebreathing image to something a bit more…

Maybe dragons exist and we just don’t know it. And that is the kind of thinking that led me to dragons as shifters in the story, Molten Heart.

Dragons belong just as much to the human world as we do. And really, calling it the human world might piss them off, because they think we’re a bit irresponsible with the world we’ve taken over. So let’s maybe just stick to calling it earth. It will make life easier on us all. Trust me. Most dragons are good, but piss off the wrong one….

Anyway. Back on point. Dragons could possibly be the very first breed of shifters. Over time as they grew and adapted with time, maybe they learned how to change forms. All creatures on earth have had to grow and adapt over the years or risk extinction. And though dragons might seem like the king of beasts, there is a greater beast on this earth that strikes fear into the hearts and minds of all creatures who share this planet… man!

Was that too preachy? Sorry. Moving on.

That leads us to the question of their (the dragons) nature. Are they beasts? 

Are they thinking and feeling beings. And if the answer to both of those questions is, yes. What is dominant in them and how does it work when they shift between forms?

 I’d have to answer that with turning it back around on humanity. We’re thinking and feeling beings who act absolutely beastly without shifting into a twenty-foot tall firebreathing creature, so why would a dragon who has the ability to swap forms be any different? In both their impressive drake form and in their tiny (by comparison) human form, the character is the same. Their minds stay intact as well as their ability to reason and understand their surroundings. It is merely their appearance, and fire-proofing, that alters.

Why do they change then, you might ask?

Well, who doesn’t want to be able to take to the sky? Admit it, if you could sprout wings, you would.
As far as my dragons are concerned, their drake form is their natural form. They take on the human guise to keep their truth secret from the savage humans who rape and pillage the earth they live on.
Humans are a pretty damn scary race!

But, that might be giving too much away. Let’s chat about more fun dragon facts, like what they eat.
My Dragons are actually omnivores (because of their dual forms) but because of their massive size need more protein than their human counterparts. That of course leads to quite a bit of meat consumption. They’ll eat pretty much anything that moves. Sheep, cow, pig, etc… Fish too, for the water variety (the hydras). And when you have a colony of dragons around, there had better be quite a bit of available food.

How much do they eat? 

Well, that’s a great question. On the island they live on herd of wild sheep and ponies are pretty prevalent so that is the natural meal of choice for a dragon on the hunt. Bunny en flambé though is a favorite snack. Food is energy for the dragons, not an indulgence. Participating in the circle of life (cue the Lion King music), means that the dragons only take what they need when they need it. Could a dragon glutton himself on six or seven fully grown mountain goats with a side of squirrel every day? Of course they could. But eventually overhunting leads to extinction, and they know that. They are thinking and feeling creatures, remember.
On average, a male drake will sustain themselves on one meal a day consisting of two to three large prey animals.

I know what you’re saying. Dragons are fantasy creatures. They cannot exist in nature. Why are you spending so much time pretending that they’re real?

That’s my job. As the author I have think of all the little details and physical attributes necessary to validate my dragons. Even if all of these details do not end up in the final story, the world and character building has to be there first. Laying the foundations so that I can tell you a believable story. Do I think dragons exist? Doesn’t matter. But if for one second, just one, I can make you suspend your belief, then I have done my job!

Hope you enjoy reading Molten Heart!
Visit Katie Here: https://www.amazon.com/Katie-Salidas/e/B003APXXWO