Silver Mortal NEW RELEASE by Jenna Kay!!!!

I've so excited to announce that Silver Mortal by Jenna Kay is now available to buy!!! Great book, I'm in the middle of reading it right now and I have to say, it's awesome!!!! Go get your copy now! Click on Picture to link you to Amazon. <3 AND Enjoy this excerpt of Chapter 7 from SILVER MORTAL

Silver Mortal blurb:
There is a world invisible to Untouched eyes, where demons rule the shadows and prey on the innocents. Gracen Potts lives in this world. Her job is to serve and protect those who are oblivious to the monsters hiding from the light.

As a Silver Mortal Gracen has the power to send these demons back to Hell. With the Silver Eagle's blood running through her veins she feels like nothing can take her down. That is, until she meets a group of Night Vipers who have escaped the Viper clan.

Can Gracen keep doing her job of demon slaying and protect the rebel Vipers?

Chapter 7 Excerpt

            My hands grip the bottom of my seat as I struggle to stay calm, the Silver Eagle waking within me.  My enemy just walked in, anger and fear rising in my chest, though another feeling began rising above all the others.  One I could not explain.


            One of my number one powers is the gift of discerning whether people are good or bad.  This Viper in particular didn't make my stomach quiver with rage.  Instead I feel this one will not harm the Untouched, which is extremely strange since we are sworn enemies.  But that couldn't be right.  How can I feel anything but hatred toward this foul human who has been touched by such wickedness?

            Keeping my eyes focused on him and only him, I watch as he walks up to the teacher's desk, flipping his dark shoulder-length hair out of his tanned face.  He smiles, handing the teacher a piece of paper.  Her eyes are wide as she takes in the new student, most likely wondering if he's eighteen yet.  The two of them converse a moment before she turns to the rest of the class and smiles, her eyes a little glazed over.

            “Class,”  she begins in a chirpy voice, propelling her to clear her throat,  “we have a new student joining us today.  Everyone say hello to Phoenix Brooks.”

            A few mumbled hellos resound through the classroom.  The Viper—Phoenix—smiles, his teeth bright white against  his sun-kissed complexion.  No one can see the coiled black viper just underneath his skin, located on his right cheek.  No one but yours truly.  Giggles from across the room erupt from a small group of cheerleaders, all gazing at him with flirtatious expressions scribbled on their faces.  I can't stop the roll of my eyes, the nauseating scene making me want to hurl.

            Sure this Phoenix guy is cute, but he's not what the high school girls called “all that”.  He's tall, about six feet, toned, and his hair is dark brown and straight, falling just above his shoulders.  His black t-shirt and jeans fit him to a perfect tee and...alright, I'll say it.  This guy is gorgeous will a capital G.  But seeing what others don't and knowing he's potentially the most dangerous person in school (besides me) makes me cringe with discomfort.  Also seeing immature girls fawn all over him meant my job was about to get much harder.

            I have to contain a shout of disagreement when the teacher says,  “There's a couple of empty desks in the back.  Please take your pick and we'll get started.”

            Great.  Just great.  Because I'm an outcast and people are turned off by my less-than-lovable personality, of course there's a couple of empty desks next to mine.  Not only is my enemy in my class, but he's also going to sit right next to me.

            Freaking unbelievable.

            “Yes ma'am,”  he replies, and I nearly lose my breakfast when the same girls giggle some more.  I'm sure they're reacting this way because of his deep, silky voice.  Even the teacher is spellbound by his presence.

            I, everyone watches as he glides smoothly down the aisle and settles in the desk to the left of mine.  As he sits the desk makes a creaking sound, then he lets out a sigh.  I shoot daggers at him through my eyes, hoping my glare looks as menacing as I feel.  Evidently it's not.  He smiles at me, showing off his perfect teeth.

            Hurriedly I turn away, but before I do I see how dark his eyes are, as dark as black ink.  For a moment I think about how good looking he is.  But only for a moment.  The black viper sitting beneath his skin helps to keep my guard up, reminding me that no matter how innocent he may seem on the outside, the inside holds a monster eager to steal human souls for the dark side.  I still felt disturbed, and this is the reason:  He was here, in my presence, my silver eagle blood burning and anticipating a fight, yet something is different.  He's different.  Out of all the other Vipers I've come in contact with, this one seemed not to be a threat. 

            Most Vipers I've encountered in the past have had evil rolling off of them in tidal waves, but Phoenix's feelings seem more docile.  Sitting in my desk, just inches away, all I can feel rolling off of him is peace, sadness, and loneliness, which are three emotions I would never match up to a Viper.  It strikes me as strange;  it confuses the ever-loving crap out of me.  Until I figured all this mess out I'd have to really pay attention to this guy, and also find out if he's connected to the blond Viper that knows my name. The teacher is in the middle of a coffee-driven lecture when Phoenix grabs my attention.

            “Psst!  Hey, you got a pen I can borrow?”  he whispers.

            I turn my head and glower at him.  What?”

            “A pen,”  he replies, gesturing with his hand.

            “Unbelievable,”  I mutter under my breath.  I pull a pen out of my book bag and start to hand it over when I “accidentally” drop it on the floor.  As he leans down to retrieve it I mimic his moves, getting right in his face.  His hand touches the pen just as my hand smacks down on top of his. 

            Time to lay down the way.

            “I don't know where you came from or why you're here, but I know exactly what you are.”  My whisper is harsh but I don't care.  I squeeze his hand until my knuckles turn white, continuing on with my threat.  “If you lay a hand on anyone here I'll personally cut your head off.  Do you understand where I'm coming from?”

            He stares into my eyes before responding, his face a complete blank.  “Meet me outside after class, in front of the school, on the steps.  I'll explain everything.”

            Again we stare at each other, my hand still baring down on his.  I shoot him a funny look, tilting my head to the side.

            “What, like, you want me to skip class?”

            He smirks.  “All the power in the world and you're afraid to ditch class?  You mean underneath that hard, tough exterior is a weak little girl?”  His remark hits a nerve, so I pinch his hand, causing him to yelp like a puppy.

            “Gracen?  Phoenix?”  the teacher calls from the front of the classroom, a hint of worry salting her voice.  “Is everything alright back there?”

            Quickly we sit straight up in our seats, pitching our gazes forward.  My face burns with coarse abashment when the whole class turns around and stares at us.  I try to speak but my mouth is suddenly bone dry. 

            “Everything's fine,”  Phoenix answers for the both of us.  His short reply pleases her, so she continues on with her lecture.  Thankfully the rest of the class turns their attentions back to the front, with the exception of a couple of girls giving me go to hell looks.

            I let a few minutes pass before telling him,  “I'll meet you after class...Viper.”

            “Good,”  he says, adding,  “We've got a lot to discuss, Gracen Potts.”  I shake my head, gearing my attention back to the rambling teacher.  How did he know my name?

            “Un-freaking-believable,”  I mumble, and when he laughs lightly my blood runs hot.


Jenna Kay Bio

Jenna Kay has always had a vivid imagination.  At the age of thirty she decided it was time to put her imagination to work.

Growing up with three older brothers made her strong and one tough cookie.  She was blessed with two loving parents, both that encouraged her to follow her dreams and always made sure that she was in Church.  Her mama is her biggest fan.  She graduated from high school in Georgia, where she played varsity basketball. Later, she obtained a cosmetology license from the State of Georgia and practiced cosmetology for 8 years before becoming a full time mother and author.  Her works include Mark of the Seer, Broken (The Seer Society Series), Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles), and Beyond the Never Anthology.

Jenna currently resides in North Georgia where, when not writing, she spends  time with her three young children and her loving husband.

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NEW Release! Moonlight by Katie Salidas

This is a spin off from a series I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Check it out, Fallon, the awesome BFF from Immortalis series shows us some juiciness. And the best part? IT's available NOW!!! Go get it! (click on pics for link to amazon) AND read on for a yummy excerpt.

Moonlight by Katie Salidas
Good girls don’t wear fur, or fight over men, and they certainly don’t run around naked, howling at the moon.
But then, no-one ever called Fallon a good girl.
As a human unofficially mated to an Alpha werewolf, Fallon is being pressured to “become”...or be gone.
Her mate Aiden, the interim leader of the Olde Town Pack, is in a position that demands he either choose a wolf mate...or leave the pack forever. No matter how hot the sex with Fallon is, he can’t ignore centuries of tradition.
Become a wolf or not. If only the choice were that simple. Fallon’s options are further clouded by the overt presence of other females desperate to be the Alpha’s mate. And when these bitches get serious, it’s not just claws that come out. If Fallon wants to keep her man and take the title she’ll have to exert a little dominance of her own.

Excerpt #1
An Immortalis Companion Novella
Copyright © 2012 by Katie Salidas

Sample Excerpt
Chapter 1    

Long pajama pants, a sweat shirt, fuzzy socks, and still I felt frozen. I’d been here a couple of months but still hadn’t gotten used to the cold. Boston was an arctic tundra compared to Las Vegas and that blistering desert I’d come from. I’d be warm soon enough, though. Aiden was due back at any moment. That man was hot! Wolves have more than just good looks working for them. They run a few degrees warmer than us humans. And I needed that heat. The thought of him snuggling up next to me, fur coat or not, was enough to keep the icicles at bay for the moment, but I was still cold.

Teeth chattering, I pulled the thick feather comforter up to my chest and snuggled into the fluffy, king-sized down pillows. I doubted I would ever get used to the winter. But, if I wanted to stay with Aiden, I’d have to. As the future Alpha of the Olde Town Pack, he was a Boston boy for life. That also meant I would have to make some life changing decisions.

The thought of that wiped the smile from my face.

Aiden was my love, and I knew he loved me for who and what I was—human. But the pack… they wouldn’t accept a human as their Alpha Female.

I buried my head under the blanket as if it would shield me. I’d been avoiding facing the inevitable, but a decision had to be made… soon.

The bedroom door opened with a slight creak.

“Fallon, babe. You still awake?” Aiden called out in a whisper.

Perfect timing! A thrill of excitement ran through me. “Yeah. Come cuddle. I need to steal your warmth, I’m freezing over here.”

He gave me a quick sidelong glance then looked at the wall. “It helps if you turn on the heater.”

“There’s a heater in here? Why didn’t you tell me?” I felt a little embarrassed for not thinking of something so simple; but in my defense, I hadn’t lived at the sanctuary long.

“Yeah.” He tapped a finger on the thermostat mounted to the wall. “Looks like Brady is up to his old games. The thermostat is off.” He clicked the switch, walked inside, and shut the door.

Instantly, I heard the fans kick on. Warmth rose to my cheeks, but it wasn’t from the heater.

“That bastard!” I said, angrier at myself for falling for another one of his tricks than anything else.

Aiden didn’t bother to hide his snicker. “He is who he is. But you probably should have checked the thermostat instead of turning our bed into an igloo.”

“That would have been the smart thing to do. But then I couldn’t have hot Eskimo sex with you.”

Without another word, Aiden tore off his clothes and dove into bed, under the covers. Snaking his arm around my waist, he pulled me in close and nuzzled my neck. My body began to warm, melting against his. Aiden’s chin stubble scratched a little but not so much that it hurt. Besides, I loved a little rough touch from my man. His thick scent, fresh from the hunt, filled my nose. There’s something about that heady odor of patchouli and cologne mixed with a little sweat that sends my heart racing.

Oh, yeah. This is my happy place. Safe in Aiden’s arms, I felt like the world could go to hell and I’d still be okay. This is love, right?

Twenty-six years old and I’d never really been in love. Sad to say, I know. But love had never been a high priority on my list. School, family, friends, sure… but men had been merely blips in the radar. They were temporary distractions; fun little bumps along the road of life. With Aiden, it was different. He made me want to stop bumping along the road and find my home, with him.

“How was the hunt?” I scooted closer, reveling in his delicious warmth.

“The new recruits were naturals.” Pride filled his voice. “You should have seen them. Everyone transitioned this time, and they’re all acclimating well.”

“That’s wonderful news.” The last group hadn’t been so lucky. “But I couldn’t take the cold tonight. I’m still too much of a desert rat.”

His warm hand dipped under my sweat shirt. “Your blood will thicken in time.” He tip-toed his fingers up to my breasts. “How about your day? What have you been up to while I was playing in the snow?”

“Nerd stuff.” I purred. That man had a sinful touch. “I got the new server online and finished configuring the firewall. I still have to set up a few new user accounts, but other than that, not much.”

“I have no clue what you just said, but I think it’s sexy when you talk computers. Say something else.”

“Networking,” I said in my sexiest voice. “IP address. Password. TCP/IP Protocols.”

“Ooooh. There is nothing sexier than a smart woman.”

His cluelessness made me giggle, but the fact he appreciated my skills made me feel special. “Then I must be the sexiest woman this pack has ever seen. Your entire computer network needs an upgrade. Someone has to bring this pack up to date.”

“Well, then, we’re lucky to have you as our resident nerd. Speaking of that… have you given any thought to what we talked about?” His voice, a bit raspy from being out in the cold, rumbled in my ear like the purr of a big cat. He rolled my nipple between his fingers.

I let out a sigh. I’d been hoping to avoid answering that question. The luscious warmth of his body and the pleasure of his magic fingers were dampened by the reality that we needed to have the talk soon. I wanted to give in, say yes, and be with him forever, but it wasn’t so easy. That choice was potentially a life-or-death decision. Certainly not something to jump blindly into.

“Forget I asked.” He kissed the back of my neck. “I don’t want to pressure you. I just want to feel you next to me.”

Call it selfishness if you want, but I‘d never been the kind of girl who changed for anyone—or any man. Love me for who I am, or don’t have me at all. That’s the way I’ve always operated. But Aiden was a different case. How could I deny this man? With him, I wanted to be the perfect woman, but that meant I would have to change more than just my hairstyle; I’d have to change my species.

The idea of that was mind-blowingly frightening, to say the least.

I’d been stuck between two worlds in the last few months, and I felt like I was the odd human out. My best friend was a vampire and my boyfriend… he was a werewolf. And not just any werewolf—Aiden’s the interim leader of Boston’s Olde Town pack. To take the job permanently, he needed a mate. A werewolf mate, and I was a few fangs and a fur coat shy of that.

Katie Salidas is a Super Woman! Endowed with special powers and abilities, beyond those of mortal women, She can get the munchkins off to gymnastics, cheerleading, Girl Scouts, and swim lessons.  She can put hot food on the table for dinner while assisting with homework, baths, and bedtime… And, She still finds the time to keep the hubby happy (nudge nudge wink wink). She can do all of this and still have time to write.

 And if you can believe all of those lies, there is some beautiful swamp land in Florida for sale…

Katie Salidas resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mother, wife, and author, she does try to do it all, often causing sleep deprivation and many nights passed out at the computer. Writing books is her passion, and she hopes that her passion will bring you hours of entertainment.




New Orleans is teeming with warring witch clans. Their world goes unnoticed by
the people of the city, unseen by the masses. Nixon was one of those people, oblivious to the battles brewing around him. That is, until his eighteenth birthday.

Abandoned and on his own after the deaths of his parents... he'd grown used to being alone. Now he's discovering strange powers, learning secrets about his ancestors, and falling for the wrong girl - or is she the right one? In this new world he can trust no one...even the dead tell lies. Friends are enemies, and enemies hide the truth. Who can he trust? What's real and what's illusion?
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New Ever Fire (A Dark Faerie Tale #2) Cover Reveal!

Here's the new cover for Ever Fire (A Dark Faerie Tale #2)
To be re-released very soon! <3