What's New? Three Audiobooks!

 Hey everyone! 

I know I've been absent from this site for a long while. I really dropped the ball on updating on here, but hoping to get back to it and update a lot more often. Here's to keeping up with so many things! 

I'll get right to it. Right now, my writing is stalled, but mostly because I've had to rework a lot of my drafts. Some, like Fluxion, had to get an entire section removed and redone. It sometimes feels like meticulous surgery being done on my WIPs and a lot of times, I have to step away and work on something else to get my ideas to convey onto the paper better. I've never really been much of an outliner or planner when it comes to writing. I have a ton of ideas flying about my mind but organizing them or getting them to untangle and make sense to others is the hard part. Writing linear has never been easy for me. But, somehow, I have gotten novels done, so I guess it works for me in whatever way it does. Sometimes, it just takes a bit longer to make sense of this mess inside my head.

So what's new right now? I have AUDIOBOOKS aplenty! I'm so excited and thrilled to announce the following audiobooks are now completed and released out into the world! They literally turned out amazing and kudos to the phenomenal narrators! I can't do this without them! They truly are amazing and always blow me away with their skills. Please take a look at the following audiobooks and check them out on Audible, iTunes, or on Amazon. I know you'll love them! 

Hot off the presses, I present my newest audiobooks:

Dark Prism (The Glass Sky Book 2)

Narrated by Kim Churchill

AudibleAmazon  |  iTunes


Legends of Fire (A Dark Faerie Tale #7)

Narrated by David McMasters

Audible |  Amazon  |  iTunes


The Fall of Sky (Books 1-4)

Narrated by Nikki Zakocs

Audible |  Amazon  |  iTunes