Here are some FAQ's I've thought of that have been asked recently. I'll continue to add to it as I go and remember things. Enjoy!

1. What's the reading order of the books in your series and how many books will be in x, y, z series?
None of my series have a predetermined amount of books so I can't really answer that. As for reading order, please GO HERE for READING ORDER LIST.  My series are also numbered for easy reading. I, as a reader, hate it when they are not numbered too!

2. Will there be another Dark Faerie Tale book?
Yes! Book 9 Ever Fade is in the works. I do not have a release date and this series is a bit more labor intensive compared to some other books so I may release a book once every 1-2 years for this series but it will be ongoing and does not end any time soon. It's looking like beginning of 2019 for book 9's release. Book 8 is currently available here.

3. What about another Reign of Blood/Vampires of Vegas book? Will there be another?
Yes! Fluxion is book 4 of the Vampires of Vegas Series, formally titled the Reign of Blood series. I can't say when it's coming but I am aiming for beginning of 2019 if not end of 2018. Book 3 is available here.

4. How did you get published?
I'm self published at the moment. I've done this for five years and enjoy it immensely. I do many of my own covers too. I use the self publishing platforms of Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords (for IBooks & Kobo). I highly suggest reading up on each platform before you decide what is right for you. I can't say it's been easy, but I enjoy the amount of control and direct royalties it allows me.

5. Do you write full time?
Yes, I do. I also work as an RN but on an as needed basis for now, I've been extremely blessed, and I'm able to write full time. I worked on writing alone for 4 years but needed the extra income so I returned to nursing.

6. Where do you get your ideas?
I have a big imagination, wacked out dreams and I've always been an avid reader. My mind is a mash of crazy ideas so I don't really lack any ideas for a story.

7. How do I become a writer and publish?
Oh boy. This is a whopper of a question. There's so much to tell you! Okay, so I'm going to bum off an awesome post by fellow author Jamie McGuire and send you to her post all about getting published and writing and what the heck to do. I love it and it still holds up to today's industry. Check out her post on how to get started and going HERE.

8. I love your work but I why do I find some editing problems and typos in your books?
I've found typos in tons of mainstream and self published books alike. Not saying this is okay, but we are all human and even editors mess up. Thanks for pointing them out to me, which I truly appreciate, I do, especially if you message me about it instead of raging on a review of my book. Just saying. Here's an excellent article by one of my favorite authors who explains typos and mishaps all in a way, I never could. Check it out: So You Found a Typo

9. How do I make it as a writer?
Write, write, write. Read, Read, Read. Edit, Edit, Edit. I can't emphasize this more than that. You need to just do it already. Get people to read your stories, no matter what. Their input will only help you, even when it feels like they hate it. Just keep at it, it will happen. Don't forget to join writing groups, find a mentor and dive into everything about writing to better prepare yourself for the publishing and writing world.

10. Who does your covers?
I do a lot of my own covers, but I've had some done by other cover artists. Here is a list of some cover artists I find reputable and have some awesome work.I also do cover art on a case by case basis.

Melancholy Muse Designs is my own design firm. Please check it out for reasonable but intricate covers.

Check them  out at their sites and Facebook too:

Down Write Nuts Book Services
Cover Me Darling
Pink Ink Designs
Crimson Phoenix Creations
Najla Qamber Designs
GiGi Cover Designs