These are my book projects for the coming 2 years. I no longer hold myself to any release dates because it's just not a reality I can commit to. Sorry! I will no longer post release dates until the book is a few days away from releasing. Again, sorry! Check back for more information.


Ever Lost
(A Dark Faerie Tale #10)
YA Fantasy Novel
July 2024

Book 10 in the bestselling Dark Faerie Tale series.

Lingering beneath the surface of the Land of Faerie, a sinister creature stirs. Filled with despair and hate, it has waited hundreds of years to reclaim what’s been lost. The only thing between its desire to recover what it wants and complete annihilation of Faerie lies in the hands of Shade and the other Ancients. The entity is far more powerful than anything she’s seen before. Chased from their home in Faerie, Shade and her family retreat into the human world where new dangers appear as their magic drains away. Shade knows the only ones who can help them are the very ones who would love nothing but see the Land of Faerie burn.


Spells & Incantations
(Miss Eyre's School for Wayward Witches #1)
Paranormal Cozy Novel
2025 TBD

Perfect for readers who love the Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Wrongly accused of a crime I didn’t commit, I’m immediately carted off to Miss Eyre’s School for Wayward Witches. I seriously don’t belong here in any way. This place is crawling with supernatural derelicts and backstabbing cliques who make Mean Girls look like child’s play.

The moment I arrive, strange stuff starts happening. People start to get hurt in malicious, magical mishaps and everyone points the finger my way. Even the teachers keep secrets no one wants to reveal. My new best friend, Jett, isn’t as forthcoming as she should be and is hiding something. A mysterious, dark-haired outcast named Ferran seems to know more about the stuff that goes on here than he lets on. He’s irritatingly handsome, but the dark, captivating look in his eyes sends shivers down my spine.

I need to find a way to get out of here soon before somebody else gets hurt. Next time, that someone could be me. 


(Wicked Grove Series Book 3)
Paranormal Urban Fantasy Novel
Expected Release November 2024

In Wicked Grove, magic runs wild.
Separating from the Wicked Grove Supernatural Regulatory Agency was difficult. It’s all these three siblings, Amy, Jay, and Craig, have ever known. On their own, they are still at war, but this time, there’s no back up.

The supernatural community has their eyes on them and not just for payback of past injustices done by the agency. With the discovery of their “special” magical abilities, rogue groups of supernaturals want these siblings to join their ranks, but they’re not the only ones gaming to acquire them. The stakes are high as the trio fend off a myriad of attacks and wonder if Wicked Grove really is the place for them. It doesn’t help that the agency they used to work for will also stop at nothing to get them back.

This is the second installation of a new, breakneck, supernatural thriller series from USA Today Bestselling Author Alexia Purdy.


February Air
Contemporary Fiction/Romantic Suspense
Releases: TBD
Some things can never be undone.

Victoria was running. From whom or what, she can’t remember. Returned to a husband she has no memory of, she embraces her old life with Josiah, who says they were madly in love before she disappeared. But, her ten year old son Matthew doesn’t even know who she is. Regardless, she decides to put the missing years behind her and tries to settle into her life once more with what little memory resurfaces.

One day, a man named Gabriel arrives with a bubbly two year old in tow, claiming to be her husband and the child, their son Sebastian. 

Victoria isn’t sure who to believe and her life spirals out of control once more. If only she can remember what really happened all those years ago.

The past runs away faster than Victoria can, and the pieces never seem to fit.


Papercut Doll
Contemporary Romance/New Adult Fiction
Expected Release TBA
In Tokyo, Japan, Siara struggles to make ends meet. Eighteen and alone, she finds herself on the brink of homelessness. One desolate evening, a stranger named Kadu, who is consumed with loathing his own world, makes an offer only a fool would refuse. Could it be the worst mistake she has ever made yet? In desperation, she accepts.

The struggles of the streets and the temptation of the unknown brings Siara to the depths of her fragile soul. Her friends' loyalties are tested and the boundaries where her past haunts her and the future awaits are vividly blurred.


(The ArcKnight Wolf Pack Chronicles)
Paranormal Romance/New Adult Fiction
Expected Release TBA
In the treacherous City of Temple where supernaturals and humans intertwine, only the most cunning will survive.

The ArcKnights, MarkTiers, and KelHan strongholds have finally joined forces, creating the largest collaboration between wolf packs which has ever existed in the City of Temple. As a peaceful age settles into the kingdoms, a dark, menacing power lurks on the outskirts of the city. A magic so old, none of the packs have ever encountered it. It is the keeper of old magic, a wielder of all spells, and a shapeshifter who can assume any guise. The most dangerous of all shifters has awoken after centuries of dormancy and its thirst for blood is unending. It is a legendary being called the Vanquishing and it’s out of control.

Leopold, the General of the ArcKnight Army, is now in charge of capturing the Vanquishing. Plans are well under way when he stumbles upon a strange young woman named Noni, who is unschooled in the ways of the world. He knows she’s no ordinary woman and is full of secrets locked up tight. Whatever she’s hiding, it’s something she’d rather forget. With Leopold, she discovers there’s more to life than the magic raging inside her. His fierce loyalty, love, and his delightful sort of chaos enraptures her. Yet, when the monster within demands payment, Noni must fight for her new life in a way she never has before.