I've been meeting some amazing people online since starting to market my book Interim Blue.   Other independently published authors and writers out there that have brought my understanding of the writing world into a whole new prospective.  I've been privledged to read some of their writings and feel absolutely inspired by them.  I hope to continue to interact with them and read their musings for a long time coming.  These are the people I look up to, the ones that I hope will view my work the same way I view theirs: Epic.  The way some authors string their words together takes my breath away.  They pull you into their worlds, their minds their questionable sanity and float you around their imagined worlds with such ease and passion that how can you not help but love the ride?  Here's to all the writers of the world.  Thank you for being you, for writing your mad musings and letting it all spill out on paper (or ebook!).  I'm all the better person and writer because of you.