Sequel in progress......and then some!

Working hard on the sequel to my first novel Interim Blue.  I came up with the title already (Ash and Embers) and hopefully it will be completed by end of September, we shall see how fast these little fingers can type!!! I've been a little brain dead this week due to weddings, birthdays and so on and so forth, to attend/host.  I have not fared well unfortunately.  Having too much fun definitely takes a toll on a writer's brain!  However, I will be working on it for the rest of Aug feverishly and am so excited to present it to everyone!  After that the plan is to complet my other work in progress: The Reign of Blood.  You can find an excerpt on my Facebook page:!/profile.php?id=100000054521926&sk=notes  I can't wait to get moving on that one, I have it all outlined in my head and ready to grace across the keyboard.  Thanks for everyone's support, it's been an exciting journey so far!