Excerpt #3 from Ash and Embers (The Teleen Trilogy #2)

Okay, just cuz I love to torture you people, here is another teaser excerpt from my upcoming novel: Ash and Embers (The Teleen Trilogy #2) Enjoy!

Vange stopped abruptly, watching her witch light suddenly bounce off an invisible wall. Tilting her head she looked around until she spotted what she was looking for. Crouching down she lit the ground around her with the witch light and frowned, noting the specks of still drying blood and salt trail. Standing again she reached out to touch the invisible shield before her.

Damn! Jade already knows.
The shield rippled under her hand and sent a vibration of pain up her arm. Pulling her hand away, she winced from the slight shock. She had no choice now but to call her sister out of the house and speak with her. The protection shield was strong, even she could not penetrate it. She concentrated on the shield, feeling not one, but three powerful essences embracing the spell. If Jade had found two other witches to perform the spell with, they were now as safe as anyone could ever be in their own home, lest hiding in an oubliette. No one could enter without their permission. No one and nothing could penetrate its magic.

Vange paced back and forth for a moment, thinking hard on what she would say to her sister. Maybe she could enter if given permission. She ran her power along the barrier again and found it laced with a disabling spell. Jade had foreseen something, maybe she had known Vange would come back here for Shade. If she was allowed to enter the grounds, she would be stripped of her powers within the shield.

Clever, Jade. Very clever.


  1. Can't wait to read this, Love your book. I also love your blog and I have included you in my list of bloggers that I believe deserve to receive the Versatile Blogger Award. You don’t have to accept or post about it if you wish not to. This is just a way for me to show my appreciation for your blog. Looking forward to more of your reviews and posts! You can read about the award on my blog.

    Katie @ Curse of the Bibliophile

  2. Please let me know when your book comes out. The cover photo is amazing and the exerpt pulls me in!

  3. Caroline, I just saw this comment, I will totally let you know, Glad to hear that! Thank you!