Review of Little Orphan Anvil by Joseph Beekman

The story follows a little robot named Anvil, partially destroyed in a storm caused by an evil witch who believes any kind of iron and metal machines are an abomination and should be destroyed.  Will, an old man and Anvil’s creator, is on a mission to help the orphaned children who reside in the mansion with the witch and have to do her every wish.  When the Land of Iron and Anvil is partially destroyed by her evil magic, Will sets off towards the Land of Shadows along with another orphan named Sonny and his dog Ranger to set things right and free the land from the oppressive witch.  The story follows them through treacherous landscapes and haunts that bring chills to your bones as these three journey along.  They meet Kelsey, a brave and strong orphaned girl who has escaped the mansion seeking help for her peers.  All together they face the treacherous old witch and test their strength and bonds together against the ultimate plan to overtake the world.
The story flows seamlessly; the action immediately sucks you in.  Highly imaginative!  I found that the easy flow words brought me into the dark foreboding places of this imaginative world easily and kept me on the edge of my seat many times.   The author makes you care about the characters and want to see them win, and hope they make it through all their hardships in one piece!  I love the history of the lands and the little snippets of information that indulge you of the workings of this treacherous place.   It’s a story to be enjoyed by all ages for sure! 

5 stars!!!!
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