New Title and New Look!!!! Ever Shade: A Dark Faerie Tale by Alexia Purdy

Interim Blue (The Teleen Trilogy #1) has a new look and a new title!!!  Check it out!  Launching with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing in March 2012, it's going to be EPIC!      Introducing:  
 Ever Shade: A Dark Faerie Tale by Alexia Purdy
I'm excited about it and so happy to be sharing it with you today!


  1. Absolutely LOVE your cover!! the book looks great also!! Good Luck! Can't wait to read it!~

  2. Thanks Sherry! So good to hear that and thanks for your support! <3

  3. I just finish Interim Blue and loved it. I can not wait to read the next books. I wonder what's instore next for Shade. The new cover looks great. I'll have to buy a copy of the new version when it releases.

  4. Hi Alexia! I am a first time visitor. First of all, congratulations on having your books picked up to be published. That us so very cool. How awesome to be living your dream as an author.
    I read your poem, Candied Sin and really enjoyed it. You have an expressive gift with words. I look forward to reading your series.
    I write a blog about food but it's really more of a vehicle to write my musings on life and love. I also love writing. Stories like yours are inspiring.
    Please visit. Maybe follow my blog if you'd like. That would be cool.
    Thanks and happy new year!