HorrorBid.com Headlines Reign of Blood Interview from HorrorDaily.com!!!

Reign of Blood- An interview of the upcoming novel from Alexia Purdy by Horrordaily.com gets Headlines at HorrorBid.com !!!! Check out the buzzz......

Read the Reign of Blood Interview of Alexia Purdy by Horrordaily.com for HorrorBid.com here!

So excited to introduce my new novel project:

Reign of Blood

A new paranormal horror thriller about April, a vampire hunter and killer in a post-apocalyptic world infested with, you guessed it, Vampires!!! But all is not what you would think, In the city of Las Vegas, which never sleeps, the world is changed, and the creatures of night are not all what you would think and humans are all but extinct.....

Keep an eye out for the cover reveal in February!!!

Will be available end of March 2012 via Amazon.com ebook version, paperback version available in April date TBA.