Writing Ideas: Wacked out Dreams

So I've been asked: Where do you get your ideas from? Haha, so you really want to know? Ok, I dream vividly, and most are quite wacked out. Example one and this is so rough and unedited, just the way I jotted it down. Enjoy a slice of the madness within:

The school was a prison. Everyone knew that but no one ever did anything about it. The high fences were foreboding and an ever present sign of this perpetual imprisonment.

One day, we were eating in the cafeteria, nothing much going on. Just outside the windows, one of the students got into major trouble. The teachers decided it warranted severe punishment of death. They released the enforcer dragons which oddly enough were hot pink in color. It proceeded to smash the student to smithereens. The assistant principle then decided to tie up the principle and take over the school. She let the enforcers, guards who guarded the school, run amuck and kill any student in sight. We ran, we hid behind supplies and in the dark, hoping to not be discovered. Two warriors, a guy and girl who were dressed like punk rockers, thigh highs, bandanas tied to their arms and legs, had bunches of balloons in their hands which I thought was very strange. They had to hide in a nook above the cafeteria but one of the enforcers saw them. Two came towards us but the guy student used his machete to chop at their feet and the girl had a sword that she used to behead the enforcers. We ran away, towards the kitchen. We can hear screams and yelling in the background. The girl leads us to the deep freezer, which she opens and presses a hidden button. The freezer then moves back a bit to let us into a secret hidden hallway. Once in, the freezer resumes its regular position, therefore hiding our escape route.

The hall is lit and is made of cinderblock and cement. We walk down it, lighting the lights as we continue down, underground, towards our escape.