Flash Question Session---> Author J.C. Noir

Flash Question Session
Author J.C. Noir

1. Your work area: messy or neat? - Neat, and symmetrical.

2. Do you write first in longhand or just tap away at the computer? - At first it was longhand on paper. Any paper I could find when I had an idea and I would attach them together later on. Now, on the computer only.

3. What are your current and past projects that you have you done?
- Solace Through Tragedy, Alice & Chess, and next up, Shattered Oz.

4. The worst advice you have ever received?
- Never really had any bad advice that I can think of.

5. What makes your stories different? - I like mixing genres in strange ways. Horror/Fantasy, Horror/Steampunk, and Horror/Cyberpunk. I also enjoy recreating classic concepts with my own horrific ideas.

6. What are your favorite authors/books? - Dean Koontz (The Bad Place, Demon Seed, Intensity, Cold Fire) John Saul (Second Child, Darkness, The Unwanted, The Homing) Lewis Carrol (Alice, Through the Looking Glass) L. Frank Baum (Oz Series).

7. Ice Cream or Sorbet?
 - Ice Cream with brownies in it.

8. What do you do to help you write: Do you down the energy drinks? Eat junk food? Run around the house to get the inspiration going? Blast the tunes? Do tell.
- Blue Low-Carb Monster Energy. Anything with no sugar or low sugar. Music as well.

9. What was the hardest part you had to write in your book? - Solace Through Tragedy tapped quite a bit into aspects of a past relationship of mine with a girl who suffered heavy trauma as a child. Anything involving aspects of her are tough for me, though writing them out is my therapy.

10. Where can we stalk you online?
- facebook.com/JCNoir
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