Flash Question Session---> Author Erik Ekstrom

Flash Question Session
Author Erik Ekstrom

 1. Who are you and what are you doing to the literary world?
Hi Alexia, thanks for having me here. My name is Erik J. Ekstrom and at present I am the author of 5 books ranging from Mystery and Sci-Fi to Psychological Thrillers and of course my children’s book series. At the moment I am quite busy with what seems to be a million projects. I am getting ready to release my third children’s book in the Pug Tails series; I am nearing completion of my 2nd and 3rd Everett Holmes novels (Everett Holmes: Sanctuary of the Damned and Everett Holmes: The Case of the Mail-Order Medicine Man). I am co-writing a Historical Fiction series called Agents of Change with author Jeff Gafford and I am writing, producing and directing an indie short film called Dave. Aside from that there is also my freelance writing and monthly magazine articles, readings and book signings, so I guess you can say things are looking absolutely amazing.

2. Which part of your book was the hardest/easiest to write?     My most recent release was Everett Holmes: Case of the Forged Fingerprint Killer. It is a psychological thriller so there were many difficulties in forming the character on the page how I had created him in my mind. As I have had extensive studies psychology, I could picture how I wanted the killer to be, but I always wanted to limit myself when it came to his brutality. It took a few rewrites, but finally it was decided to push the envelope and let the monster loose. When I did that, he finally became the killer I pictured from his conception. The easiest portion to write was that of Everett Holmes himself. He is a man with issues of his own, but he is still the hero. He’s the good guy that everyone sets out to be in life, with a few speed bumps of course.

3. Have you ever written a character you absolutely disliked or wanted to fall for badly?
I’d have to say it was Robertson in Everett Holmes: Case of the Forged Fingerprint Killer. The man is a pedophile. He’s brutal, sadistic and self-centered. When I wrote the scenes about him I could easily feel myself getting angrier and angrier and let’s just say that my emotions flowed onto the page when Robertson finally got his just desserts.


4. Favorite time of the year and why?
My favorite time of the year is fall/winter. I am not sure why, but I write better during that time and I seem to be more focused.

5. Are you a plot outliner or a pantser writer?
That’s a tough question because in the past I have done both. It seems that nowadays I outline, but even though I do so I always go off track of the outline I have and add new subplots. Then I rewrite outlines. It’s a delicate dance that I have yet to master.


6. Have you received a bad review and what did you do when you read it?
I received a not so pleasant review from a reputable company for my first book The Storyteller, and as any author would do, I stomped my feet and cursed like a two year old, but then when the dust settled, I took a leap of faith, swallowed my pride and asked the professional reviewer what I could have done to make it better. I ended up having a wonderful conversation with the man and he gave me some very useful pointers that I brought with me in my second book The Storyteller 2: Chicago Blood, which ultimately got rave reviews and still sells very well to this day. I brought that advice with me on my writing journey along with everything else I have learned over the years to make me the writer I am today.

7. Long hand or strictly PC writing?
My first two novels were done long hand then transferred over, but these days I find it easier to go straight to PC.

8. Most annoying thing writers do?
Well most of the writers I have personally met are extraordinary people and willing to talk about anything and give advice. It’s the ones that forget where they came from that disturb me. The ones who refuse to tell you anything as if it is some big secret.

9. What makes your stories different?
My stories have evolved over time. My Everett Holmes series is something fresh and new. It pushes the envelope more and more until your gut begins to wretch. It keeps you guessing at every turn of the page and it is extremely realistic. My fans always say that when they read my books they feel as if they are in a movie. My scene descriptions are so vivid that it does what any good book should do, it takes you there.

10. Where can we stalk you online?


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  1. Thanks for interviewing Erik! I loved the first Everett Holmes book, and I am really looking forward to the rest of the series!

  2. Thanks so much. I am glad you enjoyed the first book of the Everett Holmes series. I have been taking great strides to make Everett Holmes: Sanctuary of the Damned even more exciting for my readers. It is in the revisions stage and I promise will be worth the wait.