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Short Stories by Michael K. Rose
 The science fiction stories of Michael K. Rose can most accurately be described as eclectic. He is best known for his science fiction adventure series Sullivan’s War and in this collection you will find stories that adhere to the strongest expectations of the genre, such as “Sergeant Riley’s Account,” “Sleep” and “A Random Selection.”
But you will also find stories that, while speculative in nature, owe more to literary fiction than anything else. Works such as “Main & Church,” “Inner Life” and “Pedro X.” explore the psyche as opposed to the outer reaches of the galaxy.
Whatever your tastes, you are bound to discover many favorites amongst these ten stories. The first five have been previously available electronically but this is their first appearance in print. The last five stories are new to this collection.


 "Sergeant Riley's Account"


"Inner Life"

"Mahler's Tenth"

"If I Profane with My Unworthiest Hand"

"A Random Selection"

"Main & Church"

"The Tunnel"

"Pedro X."

"The Vast Expanse Beyond"

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Amazon’s U.S. Store: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008DWPEUS

Amazon’s U.K. Store: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008DWPEUS

All Other International Amazon Kindle Stores. Links here:  http://www.michaelkrose.com/short-stories

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Praise for Short Stories:
 "Michael K. Rose is an insightful, compelling writer with a talent for nuance and timing. He is able to make the impossible seem perfectly plausible and the unlikely seem as natural as summer rain. Short Stories is not only fiction for the deep thinker but grand entertainment for the rest of us, too. The tales are thought-provoking, intriguing, and have a tendency to stay with the reader long after the last page is turned. Prepare to be immersed!"
- K. Wodke, co-author of Betrayed

"If there is an author new to the world of publishing that I would place next to Ray Bradbury, Edgar Allan Poe and Isaac Asimov, it has to be Michael K. Rose. His collection Short Stories is not only entertaining, it is fulfilling from both a philosophical as well as an emotional standpoint. It is at times dark, light and colorful. It is sound in element, true to form and at no time did I think to myself 'That's it?'
"Short Stories is not only thought-provoking, it is the purest form of literature, as rich as a bottle of Montrachet 1978 and as tasty as a generous cut of Wagyu beef."
- Benjamin X. Wretlind, author of Sketches from the Spanish Mustang

“From the science fiction of everyday life, to the inner life of a human being, to the mysterious expanses of space, these stories are vessels to carry you to places you never dreamed you could go. No other writer today can pull together such different stories and weave the words together with the skill to keep you thinking about them long after you have finished.”
- Alexia Purdy, author of Ever Shade


 Michael K. Rose is the author of the science fiction adventure series Sullivan’s War. He grew up in Arizona, where he now resides, after spending part of his formative years overseas and in Maine.
When he is not writing, Michael enjoys reading. He is a lover of classical music and regularly attends performances of the Phoenix Symphony and Arizona Opera. He also enjoys tabletop and card gaming.
               He is an avid and enthusiastic traveler and has visited nearly thirty countries on four continents.
Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Arizona State University.

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  1. I have read the Tunnel - great - can't wait to read the rest