FEATURE: Sovereign Hope by Frankie Rose

Sovereign Hope by Frankie Rose

Flash Question Session
Author Frankie Rose

1.      What makes a book amazing?

When I love a book, it’s because I’ve connected with the characters in some way. If I’m empathizing with a character after only a couple of pages, I know I’m going to love the book. There’s nothing better than being able to really place yourself in the mind sets of the people you’re reading about, and you can’t do that if you don’t know them.  I’m a lover of description too. I can’t bear when a story barely skims over the surroundings, textures, and smells of what’s happening. It’s hard to paint a picture without any of the materials!

2.      List your writing quirks, example: what do you have to do while writing?

I don’t have any quirky writing habits. I sometimes wrap myself up in a blanket to sit at my computer, but I don’t like admitting that ‘cause I feel like an old woman. This Is the thing, though- when I moved to Australia, I was under the illusion that it was going to be sunny every day of the week and blisteringly hot. Not so.  Winter here sucks big time, and I find myself burying myself in blankets.

I have a couple of other ‘general’ quirks, I guess. I love sushi but I always pick out the insides and never eat the rice. I can’t watch a movie made before 1980 unless it’s Alien or Star Wars.  And I won’t eat candy unless it’s yellow. 

3.      The hardest part or the part you hate about being a writer is? Come on, dish it!

You know what I hate? (People out there who know me are cringing right now) I HATE arrogant people. And since becoming a writer I’ve had to deal with so many people who think they’re better than everyone else. I’m not sure what it is about a little success, or knowing people are reading what you’re writing, be that your book or your blog or your tweets, but it seems to go to some people’s heads. They turn into massive assholes, and I have no time for people like that. I don’t see what’s wrong with being humble and approachable to everyone you meet.

Apart from that, I have to say there’s nothing I hate about being a writer. It’s my dream job and I feel pretty damn lucky that I get to do it!

4.      Any particular place you love to hang out at online? Twitter? Facebook? Goodreads? All of them? Other corners of the universe?

I’ve only really just started with twitter. I’m not sure whether we’re firm friends yet. I’m sure I’ll get sucked in, though. It’s inevitable.
Generally when I sit down at my computer I’ll log into facebook and leave it online. It’s the easiest way for me to communicate with my family back in the UK, and. I have friends all over the place as well, so it’s the most effective way of keeping in touch with them. I’ll check Goodreads every couple of days, and I’m usually logged into my blog when I’m working.

5.      Caffeine or Decaf?
Decaf. I get crazy heart palpitations from coffee!

6.      If you could be one person that you admire for a day, who would that be and what would you do in their shoes?

Man, I got asked a similar question the other day and it was so difficult to answer. I’m aware of how many blessings I have in my life so I don’t generally sit around thinking about trading off very often. I love my life! Um, I guess it would be…hey, I’d like to be that chick that starred in Magic Mike. I don’t know her name but she has to be the luckiest woman on the face of the planet. Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer and Matthew McConauhey? Walking around with no clothes on all day? Seriously?

As for what I would do… I’d probably wander around set drooling.

 7.      Pantser writer or Outliner?

Oh, I’m a plotter for sure. I have to. I find I get side tracked too easily if I don’t know exactly where I’m going, and what stops there are between points A and B in my stories!

8.      Where do you get these overly imaginative plots for your books?

My imagination! Ha ha! But seriously, I spend a lot of time thinking about what will make an interesting story before I even consider plotting it. I don’t want to do anything cliché or over done, so it pays off to daydream over things for a while, y’know?

9.      Which character from Sovereign Hope is your Favorite? Besides Farley J?

Daniel, hands down. His character is special to me because I saw the big picture with him from day one. I knew he was going to be complex and a little wounded, and that there was going to be little snippets about him that the readers learned as they made their way through the series. People have said he’s very distant, which he is, but I’m hoping it’ll be like peeling back a layer to his personality and his past with each book that I write. I’m not an author that likes spelling things out, and I definitely don’t like giving the readers everything all at once. If that’s what you’re into then you probably won’t like my books.

10.   When can we anxiously expect Book 2? And do tease us about it….

Lots more Farley and Daniel interaction, that’s for sure. Their relationship develops dramatically over the series, and so far it’s been VERY fun to write. I think Sovereign Hope gives a good foundation for the world that the characters find themselves in, with lots of action and some romance, and then in the following books the ratios are a little differently weighted. Eternal Hope is about Farley and Daniel giving themselves the opportunity to get to know one another a little better, and basically struggling to keep their hands off one another, too ;)

Farley needs to come to terms with who she is and what it means to be part of the Immortal’s bloodline. We meet lots of new characters as well as catch up with old ones. We find out why Daniel and Kayden have been fighting for so long. Kayden plays a huge part in the rest of the series, which I know will please some people! That’s all I’m saying about him, though.

In the following two books, the group is discovering how to function under the stresses placed upon them by the events that occur at the end of Eternal Hope. Daniel and Farley are under a huge amount of pressure as they learn what it really means to be two parts of the same prophecy. There’s strife inside the group as they come together, not only in an entirely new city, but also in an entirely new country.

Where to stalk FRANKIE ROSE:

Website          www.frankierosewrites.com

Blog                 http://frankierosewrites.com/?page_id=335

Twitter            @byfrankierose

Video Interview:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2KvK-jJtrg  
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MY Review of Sovereign Hope by Frankie Rose

Like I said, Wow, just awesomely WOW. Loved this story! It was amazing, captivating, enticing, all those words that describe how I can gush about this book.
Farley Hope is just trying to find her mother. 6 months after her disappearance and no word on what happened to her, Farley is being chased. She’s not paranoid. Literally, a black SUV full of big bad dudes have come for her in the middle of the road in L.A. standstill traffic. What do they want? And who is this breathtaking handsome man named Daniel who rescues her?
Fleeing with Daniel and a woman named Agatha for her life, Farley discovers there is a whole other world under the City of Angels, and her link to it may be her demise. Reavers, who steal people’s souls, rule this underground city, and Farley is something of an anomaly to them, and they want her dead! But why?
Wow, what a ride, I loved every word of this book. It was that good. The characters are well written, you feel their emotions and their hardships at every turn. Frankie Rose weaves a story that brings you into another world easily and makes you want to know what is coming around the corner next. It has action, a touch of romance, amazing descriptions of scenery and some not so nice villains. I rooted for Farley and Daniel the whole way. I cannot, and I mean CANNOT wait for book 2 to fall into my clutches and see what they go through next. Very intense!

I received this book free from the author for an honest review.

5 out of 5 stars!!! Yep, it was amazing!

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