Upcoming Book Release: Riftglade by K.R. Jordan

Upcoming Book Release:

By K.R. Jordan

Published by Hot Ink Press
Release Date TBA

The beautiful fairy, Princess Yaliza, is forced to leave her beloved kingdom to find her true destiny. Flying above an Overland rift forest, she is gravely wounded, falling unconscious to the ground and into Riftglade where her adventure begins!

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K.R. Jordan

I grew up on the Gulf Coast of Texas and spent most of my youth in, on or near the water.

My father was a fisherman that always had a paperback Louis L'amour in his back pocket. My mother would read anything and everything she could get her hands on.

My own personal love of reading and writing began at a very young age. I would spend hours at the local library checking out as many books as they would allow.

I write under the names K.R. Jordan or River Jordan. Mostly I write fiction, but I am obsessed with writing a personal history of my family.

I still live on the Gulf Coast of Texas with my family and I enjoy writing, reading, fishing and the great outdoors!

tags: fairy, fairy tale, princess, fiction, fantasy, mild erotica, erotica, K.R. Jordan, adult, adult fiction, paranormal, paranormal fiction, sci fi

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