Interview and Feature with Author Brina Courtney

Have you checked out the Cryptid Tales series by Brina Courtney? Well if you haven't, you're missing out! Brina so kindly let me interview her here on my blog! Check out this amazing author and her work! I also posted my review of Book one 'Reveal', which is free on right now so go get it!

Book 3 'Settle' will be available March 22, 2013!

Interview with Brina Courtney!

1. Where did the idea for you Cryptid series come from?
A BONES episode about Chupacabras! I know that sounds ridiculous but it spiked my interest in Cryptids and I just built this whole world from there.

2. What’s your favorite snack food?

Chocolate, and yes in my house that is a snack food.

3. As a writer, what helps you the most to write a novel?
Silence, I talk as I write so I can't be hearing other things or they creep into my writing.

4. Your weirdest habit?
I twitch my mouth like a bunny. And no I have no idea why.

5. What author’s influenced you the most?
None, I love that by being an author you can be totally unique. I appreciate all author's voices.

6. What’s on your kindle/nightstand/ipad right now that you’re reading?
Just got the final book in Kate Bloomfeild's Fire Mage trilogy, can't wait to read it!

7. What would you tell your readers right now?
I love you. Please continue to buy my books and support my dreams. In return I will write the best books I possibly can.

And dare to be different.

8. Introvert or extrovert?
Extrovert. I'm super loud and outgoing. I coach cheerleading, it comes with the territory.

9. What’s the single most important thing you do in your day you can’t do without?
Tell my husband I love him.

10. Have you found a lot of support from friends/family/community/readers of your novels?

OMG yes! More than I ever expected. People have been so welcoming in the writing community this past year. My readers are adorable and send me lots of support and love. My friends and family give me the space I need to write and they push me forward. 

Where you can find Brina Courtney~

My review of 'Reveal' by Brina Courtney

What an intriguing concept for a paranormal series! I’ve yet to read about Cryptids, so this sounded like a different kind of paranormal for me. I loved it! It follows a teen named Shay who is trying to graduate from high school and leads a pretty normal life. Or is it? Besides the fact she can see and hear ghosts, it’s pretty ordinary, right? At least until she meets Hugh, a hunky beefcake who studies at the local college where Shay’s mom works. She feels funny around him, and loves the fact that she can help him out with some calculus (and maybe something more?)

But these two meeting could be more than a coincidence and their bond supposedly is destined to shatter a darkness that lurks around both their families. Will it be enough to save them all?

I was sucked into this story, it was fascinating! I love the concept of shape-shifters in this one. I rarely see any shape-shifters that are other than werewolves so I really looked forward to finding out more about Shay’s abilities and her powers. Even if it didn’t have shape-shifters and was just about ghosts, it was awesome and I loved how the storyline included them into the details and made for a very fascinating, scary and great start to a series. I can’t wait to see what happens next!
5 out of 5 stars!