The Faery Hunt FREE!

HI everyone! FREEBIE ALERT! My story 'The Faery Hunt' has been revamped with some expansion. I decided to turn it into a novel series. This story is now the prequel to the novel 'The Wicked Grove', which will come out next year 2014 and continues this story. Please download it for FREE off Smashwords for a limited time for the updated, slightly expanded version. <3 Reviews always welcomed! Update will be available on Amazon very soon.

The Faery Hunt (The Wicked Grove Prequel)


This is a short story prequel to the upcoming novel 'The Wicked Grove' Coming 2014 Includes the acclaimed poem 'Dark Light'.

Supernatural hunters and siblings Amy, Craig and Jay meet their match in the dark woods as they hunt clans of Faeries. Their job is to keep humanity safe, but when things take an unexpected turn, magic takes all.


  1. Alexia what a GREAT idea! This short story was AMAZING, I always wondered why you didn't turn it into a series! :) Can't wait! Good Luck! :)