Review of Raksha by Frankie Rose

Raksha by Frankie Rose


My Review

Wowzers! Absolutely amazing! Frankie Rose has outdone herself in this tantalizing story of what it’s like to be a gladiator style fighter in the post-apocalyptic world. The city of Sanctuary is painted out for the reader in mesmerizing detail down to the dirty details of slavery on a whole new level. 

Kit, who’s one of the best arena fighters in Sanctuary, wears a halo, which numbs it’s wearer from feeling any kind of emotion when it pumps drugs into her system at the first sign of any feelings. This also helps her kill without remorse, without any kind of hesitation. The ultimate fighter. This isn’t her doing though, she is Falin, a sort of slave. Her practice partner and good friend Cai has just ripped the halo’s grip from her neck, right before he dies at her hands in the arena, which sends her life spiraling out of the sweet control she’s used to. 

Everything she knew was a lie. Every emotion she’d been spared for years comes rushing in all at once. Cai’s last wish was for her to escape Sanctuary and ‘live’ like she rightfully should- without the halo. But the world outside of Sanctuary is not easy and could very well be more dangerous in the tent city of Freetown, where the pits parallel Sanctuary in more ways than one, and the horrors of it can very well exceed it. 

What a gripping tale, I found myself immersed in Kit’s world and felt for her. The way she reacts to the new feelings and the shock of what is really true about Sanctuary and Freetown, I don’t know how she deals so well with it. Actually, she really doesn’t, Freetown is insane! The dangers lurking around every corner had me hoping Kit would make it out alive. 

The first person she meets outside Sanctuary-Ryka- isn’t all that he seems to be. The conflict between these two is constant, but I found myself cheering them on as their relationship develops. Ryka is one of the fighters in Freetown and can grate on Kit’s nerves or send her reeling with one word. 

Olivia was probably my favorite character, her cheerful demeanor and giving attitude had me hoping nothing bad would happen to her. She’s also Ryka’s sister, obsessed with finding her mother, who disappeared into the dangerous forest surrounding Freetown. 

All in all, the journey was extraordinary. Kit grows so much throughout the story that I really hoped she wouldn’t ever go back to Sanctuary for any reason. But, like anyone with ties that run deep, returning is the only thing that’s for certain for her. 

The ending was so full of twists and shocks, I was left absolutely screaming for the next book already. I really pray that there is one, the way it leaves you with a ‘what just happened?’ kind of shocker. It just better not be a long wait!
5 STARS all the way!


Frankie Rose is a British expat, who is currently enjoying the perks of living in Australia- her awesome husband, sunshine, and vitamin D. She spends her time creating fictional universes in which the guy sometimes gets the girl, the heroes occasionally die, and the endings aren't always happy. But they usually are.