Book World Resolutions for Alexia Purdy

I know i'm a bit late for putting some resolutions up. Bite me.

Okay, So I decided to blog more in 2014, it’s one of my Book World resolutions, it’s the #1 resolution so please bare with me as I ramble incoherently on. Well, it’s time to be more open about me, the publishing world, books, my writings, my crazy thoughts and any random crap. Anything really. I’ll try to focus on book stuff, hence the title of this post and the name of this new series I’m dedicated to get going. So here goes…and I apologize for my fragmented jibberish. I have no sense of order in this brain of mine.

(These are book world related only, my life resolutions are not on here. Please beg me to post them, then maybe I might do it.)

#1. Blog More (see above)

#2. Read more. I plan to read 150 books in 2014. Gulp!

#3. Write 4-6 or more novels and get them published. Check out my list of projects tab HERE

#4. Read more traditionally published novels. (Indies don’t hate me yet! Read on…) 

I read my goal of 100 books in 2013, and I’d say 95% of them were self-published Indie stories. Not saying I won’t be reading more, but it feels as though I’m limiting my expanse of the universe by reading only Indie books. It’s kind of like only reading classical novels and no cyberpunk sci-fi (which is awesome!), or only eating non green foods, or working out to just doing sit ups (not happening). Yeah, I need to expand my reading experience a little bit more in 2014. Don’t fret! I’ll still read a ton of Indie books, my goal is 150 books read this year! (Oy Vey!)

#5. Return library books on time. Yes, I fund my local library quite generously with overdue fees. I should have a plaque dedicated to me on the wall or a tree planted out front for what I end up paying them. Eek!

#6. Learn more technology to better my business. HTML and Javascript...Excel?…I hear you calling me….(run!)

#7. Hire other people to do what I can do myself. It’s called buying happiness and free time. I need this badly!!! Why not pay for others to format, do covers and all that bratty business stuff that gives me a stiff headache. Yeah. Worth it!

#8. Hire a babysitter for more than one day a week. (See #7)

#9. Buy an ergonomic keyboard, desk, chair, monitor etc…etc….My wrists and back are begging me for this.

#10. Travel to more Book Conventions and see the world! So looking forward to Indie Girl Con, UtopYA and (hopefully) Indie Book Fest this year! Woot Woot!

#11. Sorry I had 10, but I misnumbered. Oh well right? And finally, discover the meaning of life…my life to be more specific. Yes, it evades me…HA!

Until the next time...