Preorder Guardians of Fire Book 8 of A Dark Faerie Tale Series!

Who's been waiting for book 8 of A Dark Faerie Tale series?
Me! Me! Me!

No really, it's coming April 24th and for a limited time, it's $2.99 on preorder.
Yes, that means after day 1 of release, the price is going to go up, so don't wait!

(A Dark Faerie Tale #8)
Releases: April 24th, 2017

Fate is coming. 

When the magic of Faerie fractures, the land demands the ultimate price. Hearts will shatter and alliances will be crushed, but one power might just save them all. 

Follow your favorite Dark Faerie Tale characters once more in another world shattering adventure for the all-consuming quest for power and magic.

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