Coming soon!

Coming soon!
A new romantic story of love lost and love rediscovered:
Counting Hearts Like Stars
(The Happy Endings Resort Book 23)
Release date: July 15th, 2017

Two hearts breaking even. One unforgettable promise. 

There he is, the face I’ve dreamt about for years. I thought I’d be able to forget him. Lucas Lawler was my first kiss, first love, first everything. I'd already heard about his exploits from the entire resort town of Endings, SC. They all know him. Every girl. He wants to talk about the past, but I’m here to forget it all, especially after my fiancé ditched me for another woman the day before our wedding. But the way Lucas speaks to me with the sweetest words, as heated as his lips… I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep away. He could be toxic, and falling in love again is the last thing I need.

Jennifer Heisen is the kind of girl a guy never forgets. I mean… the way she smiles, it’s mesmerizing. I must admit she’s the last girl I expected to return to the resort, but she's also the only one I ever truly loved. She doesn’t remember our promise, but maybe I can prove we made it years ago. Our time together means everything to me. We were sixteen and the world was at our feet. She ruined me for anyone else, and I hope she still feels the same way. It’s time she knew.

*** All the books in the Happy Endings Resort Series are STANDALONE stories and can be enjoyed without reading the others, but we highly recommend you check out each story in this awesome series! ***

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