Review of 'Breathless' by Scott Prussing


Breathless was a riveting tale.  The story is woven intricately with mystery, suspense and paranormal flavors.  It starts with Leesa, who is leaving for college in Connecticut.  Her main goal is to find her brother Bradley, who has mysteriously gone missing.  In the process of investigating, Leesa finds that vampires are not the only thing running around her college.   Her curiousity is not only fueled by her intense need to find her brother, but also by her own mother, who was once bitten by a one-fanged vampire while pregnant with Leesa eighteen years before.  This not only has caused her mother years of living as a recluse and shunning sunlight, but it has affected Leesa and her brother’s lives immensely.   

 In college, she meets Rave, a powerful Volkaane who wields blue fire and hunts vampires.  With his help and some help from Rave’s nemesis Stefan (a vampire) Leesa attempts to find Bradley and discovers things that are better left unknown.  She must decide just how high a price it will take to save him.

                I loved this story!  It flowed easily with fun characters and enough mystery/suspense to keep you on your toes and aching to see how it all ends.   The interactions between characters helps draw the reader into their lives.  Truly an imaginative read with a new spin on paranormal.   A must read!

5 Stars!