Review of Stuck by Lisette Manning

by Lisette Manning

     Stuck is a short story that caught my attention from the first sentence.  It follows the main character Annie Page, who through a heartbreaking decision, she finds her life changed forever.  You will find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world with enticing imagery to pull you into a shattered world.  Annie, having to decide between taking care of her family or starvation, sets out into the ruin of the world and amidst unseen dangers, Annie finds herself in a state that has her losing her grip on the one thing that keeps her going, her family.

     I found this story riveting.  The emotions played out through Annie’s thoughts give you a personal insight into her world and keep you along for a ride of dire consequences.  You feel her fear, pain and heartbreak throughout the smooth flow of Lisette’s story telling.  Excellent short story, I’m only disappointed that it ended too fast.  Once you start, you have to see what happens!  
                                                                     5 stars
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