Flash Question Session---> Author Benjamin Daniels

Flash Question Session
Author Benjamin Daniels

1. Introduce yourself and what it is you do.
A: I'm 29 and after writing this novel it seems that I missed my calling as a writer after getting two degrees in anything but writing. I day dream a lot and play games inbetween writing. I am currently unemployed so writing a novel was a calling to me that I just couldn't pass up.
2. Your work area: Neat or Messy?
A: It depends if I'm busy or not. If I'm writing and working on things there will be a pop can forest before it starts getting in the way of my keyboard to write and then I'm forced to clean it up or no work is getting done that day.
3. Tell of one time you feel was the most amazing time of your life.
A: I was in a car accident when I was 17 I was in a life changing car accident. I had a paramedic holding my hand trying to pull me out of the car and the only words I can remember her saying to me is: "You're not allowed to leave me tonight." My reply to her was, "I'm trying not to."
4. Which part of your book was the hardest/easiest to write?
A: The easiest part of any story for me to write is the beginning and the endings, it's connecting A to C which is always the hardest. I eventually make it but it's a slow process.
5. Which one of your characters do you loathe and why?
A: Any character that doesn't fit my personality where I have to write something that directly goes against my way of thinking.
6. What are your favorite authors/books?
A: I love all genres and many different authors but the ones I have been following the longest are Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. They co-write together and have produced some amazing thriller/mystery novels.
7. Where do you get your ideas to write?
A: Anything that catches my interest where I can put a story behind it and create my own little world behind it, be it the bible, a story in the news or something my child decides is a really good idea but is anything but.
8. What is your muse/muses?
A: If I had a muse there wouldn't be a novel wrote ;). A muse is generally a person, place or thing. I write simply to write, if I found something else to enjoy. I wouldn't have written a book.
9. Tell us one of your strangest habits/quirks
A: My food isn't allowed to touch or I won't eat it. Everything has to be a on seperate plate. I also don't send things back at resturants, if it isn't to my liking I either don't eat it or send it back without getting a replacement. Ever seen the movie Road Trip.... that's the reason why lol.
10.Where can we stalk you online?
A: Facebook normally, if I'm not online for more than a day, call 911 because something has seriously gone wrong lol.

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  1. Great Interview,I will be looking up his book and liking his FB page.Thanks!