Newly Released! THE EARTHEN SHROUD, BOOK 1 by Raynetta J. Stocks

NEW Release!
Title: The Earthen Shroud, Book I
Series: The Lova Chronicles
Genre: YA Fantasy
Author: Raynetta J Stocks
Publisher: RJS Books
Release Date: August 1, 2013
Format: E-book, Paperback
The gods haven't interfered with the race of Men since the Great Tragedy. But Rheyden and Rhiannon are a very different case. Separated at birth--one raised by dwarves, the other in a human family--they find as they come of age that their world is being threatened by spiritual forces only they can tame. Rumors that The Two have awakened are circulating throughout the four realms, and whether or not they are ready, the twins are being hunted...

In the first book of this exciting new series, our heroes embark on an adventure that tests not only their resolve but their belief in their own destiny. Both resolve and destiny will inevitably collide, and Rheyden and Rhiannon must learn to trust each other and the great power that lies within them.

December 2013 will launch the second book in the series, The Isle of Kishi Mora

Having written since childhood, Raynetta has composed hundreds of works in a multitude of genres to include children's books, adolescent fiction, short stories, and social essays. Her first work, Barely Breathing, a collection of prose and letters written under the pseudonym Micah Michele and comprised with fellow author J. Mahogany, was published in June 2005. While the work was a tentative first effort, Raynetta continued to persevere as a writer, strengthening her skills by working with talented and knowledgeable mentors.

Now on the brink of the release of her second published work, and first solo effort, she is optimistic and excited about the future prospects in her career. The Grim, a gritty and empowering novel about a young woman's struggle with PTSD, is the spring board by which Raynetta continues reaching for the stars.